10th Gen Corolla: All You Need To Know

Toyota Corolla E140/150 is the 10th gen Corolla car sold by Toyota under the nameplate of Corolla.

The chassis of the E140 is based on the Toyota MC platform. E140 was first introduced in America, then in Asia. The updated model E150 was released in China and Europe in 2007.

In Japan, E140 was introduced on 10 October 2006 as the Corolla Axio. Corolla Altis was introduced with updated ZR engines, bumpers, grille, air dams, and lamps in countries like  Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, and India. Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia between 2007 and 2010.

A prominent difference between E140 and E150 was the front area of the car and rear fender panel lines.E140 has in-built side skirts.

Is the 10th Gen Corolla a good car?

The 10th Generation Corolla is a good car. It was the most wanted car between 2007 to 2010. 10th generation Corolla introduced different models with the best-updated engine services and enhanced car features. 

With updated additions to make the vehicle more reliable and comfortable. E14 was sold worldwide, and E150 also broke sales records. 

The car has good qualities: comfortable seats, a big trunk, the best engine, alternator, oil pump, and low charges required for maintenance. People who like to drive a manually controlled car will enjoy its drive.

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Best 10th Gen Corolla Features 

Modification in Engines 

Ten generation Corolla Altis was released in 2007 with a modified ZR engine replacing the ZZ engine. The structure of the ZR engine is like a straight – four – 16 valve all aluminum and water cooled – gasoline engine. Technology that enhances both intake and exhaust valve timings 


The 10 generation Corolla has been modified in looks and technical features also. The low-face car was used to rub its lower body area over uneven paths, slopes, prone areas, and speed jumpers and get scratches. 

Facelift feature enhanced its looks with a wider body and easy, comfortable moves on speed bumpers, uneven paths and obstacles. 

Headlights, gears, rear mirror, and other accessories 

Many other features were changed with time from 2007 to 2009-10. The purpose was to make the car more stylish, adorable, reliable and comfortable. 

The car’s headlights, signal lights, seat belts, and interior accessories with updated new techniques. The gears, steering wheel, and brakes are modified to bring quality. 

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Interior New Looks 

Let’s talk about its interior storage facilities. A center storage compartment is there, a sunglass-storage compartment, passengers -side dual glove compartments and storage pockets in the front and back roads with bottle holders.

Modification of cabin quality, this car appears to have an updated, new fit and finish. Interior upholstery shades, like for more premium trims, have access to Brrisque high-contrast and dark charcoal shades.

10th Gen Corolla DIYs 

In the Corolla Sedan, EVAP Charcoal Canister is at the back of the car. When you find it started leaking or any other issue, you will check it by engine light with EVAP code, common code will be P0455; take off the bolts holding the bracket up; Car must be out of fuel as it will come into the canister. 

Before removing any part of the vehicle, check the gas cap. Then check the throttle body; it is on the engine intake. It allows more airflow in the engine. 

When you accelerate the vehicle, it will open the flap. If you clean the throttle body, it will not solve the problem .You must replace it. 

10th Gen Corolla S VS 10th Gen Corolla

The users of 10th Gen Corolla like this car due to stability control and curtain airbags.

Due to the robust shell and high-quality material, this car generates low road and wind noise levels.

For user comfort, an electricity-assisted power steering system has been used. The 10th generation Corolla was for users who liked to enjoy proper manual gearing. 

Corolla S gives benefits of all features for the model .S has a rear spoiler and chrome accent on the exhaust and grill. Outside mirror with updated features and brilliant turn signal indicators on the S . 

Wheels with a new look and 17-inch alloy with S . Air condition units have filters. The speed of the Corolla S is amazing; it has a top speed of 117 miles per hour.

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What years is 10th gen Corolla?

2009-2010  were the years of the 10th generation Corolla. During this, many versions of Corolla were introduced like Corolla Altis, Toyota Auris and Corolla Axio. Corolla 10th gen with five trim packages base model, LE. Xle, S and Xrs model .S Stands for sport with few sports enhancements. 

LED plate lights with headlights as an addition. Facelift modification is stylish and elegant.  The tires and wheels are perfect for the S model. Interior features are updated and attractive.

What generation of Corolla is best?

From the survey or reports, we can analyze the best car response between 2003 and 2008. 2005,2006,2007 and 2008 models got 5 out of 5 reliability ratings, and 2003 and 2004 Toyota Corolla models received four out 0f five ratings.

The 2019 model is outstanding, reliable and the most wanted car. The best parts of this car are emergency braking, lane departure warning, and steering wheel. 

The 2010 Model was well known for less consumption of fuel—the more reliable and valuable car. People using gas in their vehicles reported using two cylinders in a car as fuel, while Corolla fuel consumption is half of it.

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Toyota Corolla 1997

This car is smooth and easy to maintain. The spare parts are readily available and replaceable. So anyone can afford this car easily.


The article is about Toyota Corrola’s generations and years and introduced different models with dates and countries. 

Before purchasing the car, buyers must search for the features and qualities of a 10th Gen Corolla, whether they want to buy a second-hand car or a new one. 

First, they must have full knowledge of the required vehicle. Its medicated features, how the updated features work, the mileage of the car, its fuel consumption, interior storage, updated LED in the car. The sale reports of Corolla 10th Gen. 

The Models that purchased more. Modifications in Cars grab the attention of users and buyers. New updated Corolla Models are with advanced technology. 

Like an innovative key system, the Display screen in the car, the best engine, and less fuel consumption. 

With time changes are in the pipeline to maintain its sale rate and public demand in the market.10th Gen Corolla S with updated and fast speed qualities system. It works like a sports car.

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