Can A Paintball Gun Break A Car Window?

Paintball is not fun all the time. It can hurt someone or damage something terrible. It is not safe to play paintball all the time. 

Can A Paintball Gun Break A Car Window? Depending on the glass’s sturdiness, paintballs can break a car window. It also depends on the glass’s thickness and the paintball’s velocity when it comes in contact with the window. 

There are different types of glasses. The stronger ones will resist, and they will not break. The tempered glasses are more substantial than the normal ones, and A lot of force is required. The other glasses break because of their quality.

If the tempered glass breaks, it gets shattered into smaller pieces; it won’t hurt you because it is not that sharp. Laminated glasses are breakable, and not much force is required for that. 

Due to the glasses’ quality, paintball sometimes leaves a small scar or a crack rather than breaking a window.

Can A Paintball Gun Break A Car Window?

People take paintball as a hobby and active outdoor game. Some people think it is a dangerous game that must be stopped and prohibited.

Mostly the views are about not practicing the game near anyone’s house. Maybe someone has broken their window glasses while playing paintball. So people are afraid of this game and do not want anyone to play again.

Another reason could be some people do not want to let others play on their property. No one will bear the unnecessary noises near their house after work when they want to rest.

If you want to play paintball outside your house, will you?  What if a paintball breaks your window glass or vehicle?

Let’s check 

Can Paintballs Break Glass?

Obviously, a paintball can crack/break the window glass. It depends on the quality of the glass, the pressure or energy of the paintball and how forcefully it will hit the glass. The quality and build of the paintball shell may crack or break the glass.

Types of Glass on windows 

  • Antique
  • Float Glass.
  • Laminated Safety Glass.
  • Tinted Glass
  • Tempered Glass.
  • Insulated Glass
  • Annealed Glass

Tempered glass is 4 to 5 times stronger than regular annealed glass (heat proof glass, you can say).

Tempered glass may harm you if it breaks; if it breaks into pieces, it will not hurt you. 

Laminated glass is better for windows as they are hard and can bear the pressure. 

This glass is created by the fusion of two panes around a layer of polyvinyl butyral with high heat and pressure.

Can Paintballs Break Home Windows?

A paintball can break the window. There is tempered glass that can resist pressure, which is a good option for home windows as they are strong enough. 

Regular window glass is not recommended for home windows. Mostly the annealed glass is mainly in use at home. They are not recommended to some extent.

The home windows are made of annealed glass of more than two layers. The window is made of three panes of glass ( 6mm to 20mm) between the panes of glass. So the best quality window glass is better to use.

Can Paintballs Break Vehicle Windows?

Vehicle windows are made of laminated glass that is specially signed that can bear the outside pressure of floating things. It may crack the vehicle’s windshield. 

But not possible as the window glass of cars is tough enough and not easy to break. The fusion makes this glass of two panes around a polyvinyl butyral layer using a high heat and pressure fusion.

Can Frozen Paintballs Break Glass? 

Frozen paintballs are hardened in structure and can harm the windows of the house compared to unfrozen paintballs.

No one freezes the paintballs, and it is not possible. But the outer shell of the paintball may harm anyone due to its hard covering or damage to the glass window.  If you want to freeze the paintballs, put them in liquid nitrogen or dry ice.

Can a paintball gun kill you?

A paintball gun mainly does not kill you but can cause severe damage. If a paintball hits your head, it can give you some bruises, or even if it collides with more speed, it can also make you bleed. A paintball gun has a rate up to 200mph, which is a lot. 

If it hits you in your eye, you can lose sight, or even you can lose a whole vision. It is something hazardous, and you should not play with it. Even if you wear helmets, their speed will hurt you badly.

Talking about the frozen paintball, it is even more dangerous. It causes more damage than the regular one. It can kill you if it hits your head and can cause internal bleeding. Internal bleeding can cause brain hemorrhage and cause death.

Can a paintball gun explode?

Yes, a paintball gun can explode and cause several damage. The explosions are intense and dangerous, and they can cause harmful effects. It is essential to follow the precautions and apply every safety measure possible. Please do not use it a lot. It can take your life away.

There are a few reasons why your paintball gun exploded. If the tank is too old, it will explode. It lasts for a few years, and after that, it stops working. If you keep the paintball guns too long, they will create pressure and explode. 

Another reason is; that if the quality of the tank is too poor and it cannot handle what is inside, it explodes. Another reason is; that if you are not taking care of it, and it falls somewhere and breaks or gets a crack, it will explode. It can damage your body badly. It is better to follow all the safety measures and stay safe.

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Can paintballs break glass?

Paintball is not so fun all the time, and if you don’t follow the safety measures, it can cost you a lot. Paintball travels with a speed of 200mph to break the glass easily. It also depends on the paintball gun’s velocity and the glass’s thickness.

There are different types of glasses in the market. If your glass is tough and thick, there are fewer chances of breaking. If you have laminated glass, they are breakable. The laminated glasses are sharp, and It is better to be safe around them to prevent any harm.

Try to use a paintball gun with safety, which is essential; otherwise, it will cause a lot of damage to you and things around you.

Will a paintball gun damage a car?

A paintball gun can damage a car badly. It all depends on the speed of the gun. If it does not break your car, it can dent it. It involves some factors on how damage can be done. The speed of the paintball matters the most. 

If it travels at high speed and less distance, the dents are deep; but if the distance is more and less, it will not cause that much damage. It also depends on the quality of the car. If it is sturdy, there will be no damage. 

Be careful when you use paintball around the cars; it can also damage the windows or front glass of the car.

How much force does a paintball hit with?

The average force of a paintball gun during any game is an average of 260 to 300 fps; that’s roughly 200mph. 

It all depends on the paintball’s speed, velocity, and distance. It also depends on the size and weight of the paintball, and its force varies with it.

From 15 feet away, the force is approximately 300lbs depending on the size and distance.

Can paintball guns blind you?

If you get hit by a paintball gun, it can cause injury to you. If it hits your eye, it can affect your vision or, in some cases, make you blind. 

It all depends on the force and speed of the paintball. If it dies not to blind you, it can damage your cornea, and you might lose your eye.

It can cause other damage, too, like severe head injuries and body injuries. It can cause death too. It is better to stay aware of it and follow all the safety measures.

Do police use paintball guns?

During the training, police use the paintball gun. It is used to teach how to catch criminals. It involves different stages and different paintball guns used in this training.

Some police departments still use paintball guns to catch criminals. Paintball guns are wrong, and they cause severe injuries. When they are chasing someone, it is used.

Police are incredibly professional with them; they hit on the back or legs to hurt them a little.


Paintball guns are not a toy to use daily. This is very dangerous and causes harm to people. If you are playing outside, it can cause damage to the cars, and it can break the windows of your house or cars easily. With the broken glass, you can get hurt.

The more force you apply, then it will hit you harder. If it hits your head, it can cause bruises and bleed sometimes. If it hits you more brutally on the head, it can cause internal bleeding, leading to a brain hemorrhage that can cause death.

If a paintball hits your eye, it can cause vision loss and damage your cornea. It can make you even blind.

It is better to stay safe while playing with it and follow all the precautions.

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