Car Amplifier Repair: Simple Step-By-Step Guide

Before going on to car amplifier repair, we present you a brief introduction of car amplifiers and how they work. 

Car amplifiers are used to bring quality in volume and sound clarity .It boosts the power audio signal from the main head unit to a higher voltage. If you have missed an amplifier in your car, you will not be able to enjoy quality music while driving. 

It systematically enhances the low-level audio signal the head unit produces to bring enough energy to move the speaker’s cones in the system and create sound. 

The amplifier takes the signal from the laptop and CD Player and creates a larger copy of the real signal before it transfers to the speaker. Power is gained by the electricity and directly sent to the power supply that is in the amplifier.

How to check if a car amplifier is damaged?

This is how to check if a car amplifier is damaged;

  • Many amplifiers have the same backbone as a board. 
  • To open the clips, use the Allen key and remove the clips first. While removing the clips, you will be able to know whether it is burned.
  • Take out the screws from the board and remove the RCA plate and let the power plate on. You will notice some burnt resistors and burnt MOSFETs here. 
  • You have two sides of Mosfets here: the low side and high side. If not working means one of them is heated up and the amplifier gets blown. 

What is MOSFET?

Mosfet is a switch controlled by another circuit. Mosfet will get the signal from the circuit and turn the switch on and off.  We need to boost power to high voltage to drive the speaker. 

How to repair a car amplifier?

This is how to repair a car amplifier;

  • Before repairing the amplifier, you will clear if there are any short circuits on the board. 
  • Check all output transistors and power supply. 
  • Once you are done, there are no short circuits; you can provide little power to the board. 
  • Amplify willpower as you will provide little power. 
  • Now check the pout section on the board. Do you have rail voltage there? At some point, you will notice, in plus numbers and minus numbers, high voltage, like + 30 or – 30. 
  • On board where you will notice less rail voltage, like + 5. On one side of rectifies, we have a plus number; on the other side, you will get the same numbers minus; rail voltage due to this process output section amplifier works.
  • Sometimes amplifiers need to be cleaned; you can use a  can of compressed air to remove dust stuck to electronic components. 
  • You may use a vacuum cleaner with a plastic tip to clean the inside of the unit. 
  • Use an electrical contact cleaner to clean the input jacks and speaker terminals. If one of the input jacks is disconnected from the wires, either reconnect or re-solder it.

Things you need for car amplifier repair

Things needed to repair the amplifier:

  • Soldering iron and solder 
  • Phillips screwdriver 
  • Desoldering pump 
  • Desoldering Braid b
  • Multimeter 
  • Power supplies 
  • Oscilloscope 

If you want to clean your amplifier, you will need an Electronic contact cleaner spray or a can of compressed air.

How much will it cost for car amplifier repair?

You have to pay 500$ or 400$ to upgrade an electrical panel. If you want the services of an electrician, you will spend 50$ or 100$ per hour. To upgrade the 400-amp panel, users need to pay sometimes 400$ or 500 $. 

If you have a new car with an infotainment system, you will estimate more than 400$.To install a new antenna, you will need to spend 100$ to 300$. 

If you are replacing an amplifier, you will spend 30$ to 300$ for the part and 504 to 200$ for the labor. If you want to replace a woofer or subwoofer, you will spend nearly 50$ to 500$.

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Can car amplifiers be repaired?

Before repairing an amplifier, you must know the real problem and how to solve the problem. You must have full knowledge of the amp’s parts and technical systems. 

You can easily recognise the problem without sound, power, or bad sound. Sometimes these issues get unidentified for new learners or beginners. 

The problem could be in the audio unit that feeds into the amplifier, like CDPlayer, cassette deck, or speaker.

Most updated modern equipment has delicate components that can’t be repaired; just you will replace them. Daily clean the cable pins with a pencil eraser. To remove dust, you can use Electronic contact cleaner spray.

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Best car amplifier repair shops in the USA

Desrt Amplifier Repair

Provide the best services. You can contact them through calls, e-mail, and Facebook. They will provide you with the best services. Services will be provided as they will receive your message. Always share details while sharing the issue. Address: 42005 Cook Street, suite # 106

Palm Desert, California 9211

Phone : (760)835-2016


Skip Simmon Amplifier Repair 

Shop is located in California following the given address, working for 20 years in this field.

Address 4824 Bevan Road, Loma Rica, CA 95901 

Phone: 530-771-7345

Website by EDJE technologies 

Black Volt Amplification 

Address 509Echandia ST.

Los Angeles, CA 90033

Phone: 213-840-7364

Black Volt Amplification is a custom shop based in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles.

They are 2 Miles from Echo Park and approximately 1 mile from Little Tokyo or China Town in DTLA.

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Car amplifier repair guide pdf

This is the link to download or view car amplifier repair pdf manual:

03 car amplifier troubleshooting tips

The amplifier power turn off 

If the amp power doesn’t power on: watch out for the voltage on the power wires. The voltage on the remote turn-on wire ( with 5 Volts ) measures the ground wire of continuity. If everything is fine, check the fuses; if anyone is fused, you will replace the culprit.

How to keep safe the light system that comes on 

Do start from trouble;e shooting like you have done for  no power 

Take out speaker wires from the plug; if the light goes off, check the sub and speakers for defects.

You must check the source unit and RCA cables. Maybe they are burnt or pinched. If the light turns off, you will replace the cables.

About clipping Amp 

You will check the power to make sure enough for the subwoofer. If power is not enough, it will make a clipping sound.

When you unplug the wires and play music, power, ground and RCA cables must be connected.  if it stops clipping, one speaker or your wire is burnt.

How can you tell if an amp is blown?

When your amp is blown, it will produce an irritating sound, or there will be no sound even if your audio system is turned on .Your stereo system starts making bizarre sounds such as farting sounds. 

Sometimes the reason is fused wires. If you notice a gap between wires or a metallic smear inside the glass, it shows the fuse is blown and needs replacement. You will feel the silence. No unpleasant or dragging sound will appear.


The article is about car amplifier repair. To help the users first, how they will indicate the problem. The amplifier is not working, sometimes it seems very easy. 

Sometimes it is not easy to detect the problem. Only professionals may tell what has happened; The common indications are no sound, silence, or unpleasant, irritating sound. A few tips have been shared to replace the burnt or fused equipment. 

The mechanical, technical, or electrical issues are not easy for everyone to solve, so few shop names have been shared to help the users. Shops’ names, addresses, and phone numbers are given for your convenience. 

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