How To Drain AC System In Car?

how to drain ac system in car

How to drain AC system in car? Draining the AC system in a car can be done by different methods:  It is better to clean all the tubes and filters to remove the blockade. Clean all the evaporators to get a better result.  Having the proper tools is more helpful and easy to do without … Read more

How To Remove Freon From A Car?

how to remove freon from a car

If you are not a car mechanic, even then, you can remove Freon from your car. You can remove the Freon from the car at home with careful actions. While removing Freon(refrigerant), you will learn more about the car’s air condition.DIY skills are required to remove Freon from the car at home. This will save … Read more

How To Purge Air From Car AC System?

How To Purge Air From Car AC System

Check your owner’s manual to see if there are instructions specific to your vehicle. Is there a specific time to run the engine or if you need to drive while the system is draining?  If your vehicle does not have a dedicated “A/C” button, turn the AC on in any mode other than Max A/C … Read more

How To Free A Locked Up AC Compressor Clutch?

how to free a locked up ac compressor clutch

How to free a locked up AC compressor clutch? Following are the steps that can be taken: The first step you need to do is pull the compressor and see if it is coming out quickly or not. Do not bolt the new compressor; it is not an option as it causes severe problems. Search … Read more