How To Remove Rain-X Wiper Blades?

How To Remove Rain-X Wiper Blades

Removing Rain-X wipers are not complicated or simple, but the process differs depending on the type of wiper arm. There are four types of wiper arms. J-Hook Bayonet Sliding Pin Clamp Button Here we are discussing the exact process for removing the Rain X wiper blade used with the J-hook arm, but the basic principles … Read more

How To Bypass Parking Brake Wire On Dual?

how to bypass parking brake wire on dual

Take out the unit from the dashboard. The next step is to find the correct wire. It should be -12 volts. Most cars have this black wire, but sometimes, the color is changed for some specifically designed cars.  Strip the wire from the end to connect it with the other. It should be stripped for … Read more

Can A Paintball Gun Break A Car Window?

Can A Paintball Gun Break A Car Window

Paintball is not fun all the time. It can hurt someone or damage something terrible. It is not safe to play paintball all the time.  Can A Paintball Gun Break A Car Window? Depending on the glass’s sturdiness, paintballs can break a car window. It also depends on the glass’s thickness and the paintball’s velocity … Read more

Does Honda Do Car Detailing?

does honda do car detailing

Does Honda do car detailing? Honda does car detailing. They offer it at their showroom with the best services. They have the best service and will guide you with everything. Your car is your passion; get it done in your style. Honda has introduced some new car detailing, and their customers like it very much. … Read more

How To Replace Car Door Upholstery?

How To Replace Car Door Upholstery

Replacing car door upholstery is simple; a few directions need to be followed; the directions are given below: Before replacing a door, gathering all the tools required is vital. There are different screws in the door, so you need different screwdrivers. A metal pick is also required for it. The next step is removing all … Read more

Tesla How To Open Glove Box?

tesla how to open glove box

Tesla how to open glove box? You will open the Glove Box through Central Control. Press the Icon on Screen, On the left side of the screen, you will see the option Quick control. At the bottom of quick control, you will find a button named Glove Box. Press the Glove Box button it will … Read more

How To Fix Bullet Holes In Car?

how to fix bullet holes in car

How to fix bullet holes in car?       Clean the area around the holes        Cut the damaged area.       Fix the holes by using a metal sheet        Use somebody fillers        Use epoxy and tapes for small holes        Use Automotive prime with a spray        Paint the Spot. How much does it cost to fix a bullet hole in … Read more

How To Bypass Starter Solenoid With Screwdriver?

how to bypass starter solenoid with screwdriver

Locate the starter motor under the vehicle Now Look for two metal contacts on the back of the starter solenoid. One starter has a wire going into the engine bay. Place the metal blade of an insulated screwdriver over the two metal contacts. This bypasses the solenoid and creates a direct connection between the starter … Read more