Top 10 Cursed Cars You Should Never Drive

A few houses are famous as haunted after some myth or unbelievable incident; in the same way, a few cars are known as cursed cars. These cars are connected with ghost stories and shadows seen by others. Now people take that as myths, stories, or due to the drunk drivers.

These are 10 cursed cars you would like to know;

  1. Daniel Riccardo’s 2018 F1 Car
  2. James Dean’s Porsche 500 Spyder
  3. The Infamous 1968 Volkswagen Van
  4. Bonny and Clyde’s Ford Deluxe
  5. The Mysterious Vauxhall Astra
  6. 1964 Dodge 330
  7. Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s Graf & Stift Double Phaeton
  8. John F. Kennedy’s Limousine SS-100-X
  9. The Jumping Renault
  10. 1937 Cord 810 Worcester

Daniel Riccardo’s 2018 F1 Car

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Daniel is a car racer. He performed exceptionally well with the Red Bull F1 car and won twice. After that, he won Monaco; he enjoyed his victories. 

Suddenly his luck started betraying him, and his F1 car started some issues. F1 did not prove lucky for him. He lost 8 races. 

After that, he started to believe that F1 was not a lucky car for him. He will not take this for racing purposes. He decided to quit Red Bull for Renault. 

After some time, Richard left Renault too. He decided to quit Renault for McLaren. He was tired of unsuccess and was afraid not to face failure again. His continuous loss makes him believe these are cursed cars. 

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James Dean’s Porsche 500 Spyder

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James was a movie maker and was fond of driving faster cars. Film fans know him well as he has made three movies; Rebel without a cause, East of Eden and Giant

 James Dean was killed in a car crash while driving his newly purchased  Porsche 550 Spyder. People have written about him; he was a fearless person.

He traded his old car with a 550 Spyder taking that car as faster. During the accident, the vehicle was destroyed, and James was found dead on the spot. He died at the age of 24 in 1995.

There are myths from people of that era; the car is supposed to be bad luck for everyone. Anyone who connected with that famous cursed car was injured or died. 

The connected persons got poorly injured even when the car was under-designed and brought to the shop. Today people take them as myths. The car is displayed at  The Haunted Museum in Las Vegas.

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The Infamous 1968 Volkswagen Van

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This car was sold to the host of a TV show on paranormal investigations. Kevorkian, who died in 2011, used to carry more than 120 assisted suicides in this van. Many people died in the van. 

The van is in empathetic condition now; its interior has been ruined with time. Nothing internally is working. Bagan, Ghost Adventure star, purchased this van and is parked in  The American Jewelry and Loan pawn Shop. Bagan said he would use this van in the Paranormal Project.

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Bonnie and Clyde’s 1934 Ford Deluxe

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Bonnie was a thief, and Clyde was his crime partner. They were involved; in murder, robberies, and other crimes. They had a strong relationship among them. They were never married. 

Both were driving the Ford Deluxe with more than 124 stolen guns. People say Cops attacked them, and the FBI shot them. 167 bullets were seen in the car. 

Bonnie was hit more than 25 times, and Clyde was shot more than 17 times. But Cops deny the incident. Nobody knows who killed them. 

So the car is taken as a haunted car from that time.  Car is generally displayed at Whiskey Pete’s Hotel & Casino in Premium.

The Mysterious Vauxhall Astra

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On December 11, 2002, Police received a call about a road accident. When the police reached there, they did not find any destroyed cars. Just a headlight appeared in the bushes. 

After a detailed inquiry, a maroon Vauxhall Astra was in a ditch with a dead body. The accident had occurred five months before, and how someone had just noticed headlights from bushes. 

It was a question. People started saying it was his ghost, calling others for help to bury his body. Police identified the body after examining the dental records and revealed that it was the body of the 21-year-old boy. Who was wanted in a robbery? The boy was running from Police and accidentally crashed his car and died. 

1964 Dodge 330

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The Dodge car was known as Golden Edge. It was specially arranged for the cops of Old Orchard Beach. These three police officers killed their families one by one and killed themselves. Whoever touched the car died in any incident. Fourteen deaths are recorded in the same car.

People called it a devil’s car. Dodge 30  was sold to a family after that. The family remained safe, for what reason no one knows. 

But it was clear that whoever tried to vandalise the car was found dead in mysterious ways. The believers in black spirits destroyed the vehicle. The people chopped the car, so it may not bring more deaths.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s Graf & Stift Double Phaeton

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Archduke and his wife were in the car when someone killed them and shot them. This incident sparked the reason for the First World War. The devil’s side of the car was connected with unlimited deaths. After Archduke’s death, 15 owners were killed in different ways while travelling in this car. 

Car was involved in 15 deaths and 16 accidents. This car is displayed in the Vienna Museum, The Military Museum.

John F. Kennedy’s Limousine SS-100-X

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The name of the car was decided by Secrete services x-100 Limousine. John Kennedy was the ever youngest  President of the United States. On November 1963, President John F. Kennedy was riding in his car; Someone killed him with three gunshots. Someone cleaned up the car quickly after the assassination.

X-100 was in service until  1977. The car is now displayed in a Museum Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. Most people said they had seen shadows hovering around the car.

The car was taken as a haunted car after the most tragic incident of President Kennedy’s death. Kennedy’s Limousine X-100 was the most elegant car of that era. The first and most stylish car used by Presidents. People say The car suits the couple a lot.

The Jumping Renault

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This car is connected with a myth that once a good morning car was jumping. It happened twice, and a car crashed into a hibiscus tree. People believed there was someone in the car, evil spirits, or ghosts who did this. Soon it was revealed that the car was not haunted.

There was a technical problem with the car, so it was used to jump and move a little. Not because of the evil spirits. Due to the short circuits caused by rusty starter cable.

1937 Cord 810 Worcester

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Cord 810 Worcester was built for a Louisiana Senator. The car is really different now. It looks adorable. The car was never used, indeed. The owner of the car was killed.

He was shot and died before he could use his car. The car was passed to a naval officer; The new owner died in the second world war before he could ride his new car.

After this incident, the Car was taken as having black History and was kept in the garage. In other words, it was stored in storage for 75 years. The current car owner is in Lower Mainland and asked Fran Coeur to restore it to its original glory.

Can cars be a cursed?

Car is not a living creature who did wrong to anyone and got cursed as punishment. In history, several cars were repeatedly involved in sad incidents and deaths, like a car that got an incident sold and passed to a new owner. Same death happened in any way. People took that car as cursed or haunted.

In a few cases, it was revealed that without any technical reason or logic, the car looked mysterious. The incidents were mysterious. Sometimes memories connected with the cars are so horrible and painful that they remain a sign of horror and fear for others. So people start thinking the car is cursed.

If anyone feels something mysterious in their car, they need to make a detailed inquiry and examine every car feature on a technical basis. If there is still no answer, discard that car but never sell it without passing the true reason behind it.


The article is about the cursed cars that made mysterious stories after searching for deaths. Few called this a myth. Some belief in Black spirits, Ghosts, and magic. 

A few cars were found in mysterious places after a long time. These cars are still known as haunted cars. These cars are displayed in different Museums. One car was totally chopped due to several deaths. 

One will be introduced in Paranormal Projects by a Tv Show person. So this shows that sometimes people may face unbelievable realities that are difficult to accept. Some stories are taken as myths as many logics are there behind the deaths. A few stories are still unsolved. No one knows the truth behind incidents.

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