How Much Is Tire Fitting?

Your tires alongside the brakes are the vital components of your vehicle. They play a major role in keeping you safe while driving. They should be something you shouldn’t treat lightly.

Your tires need to be fitted correctly. In general, to fit a new tire, it takes between 30 to 60 minutes. This may depend on the number of tires you want to replace. But how much is tire fitting?

How Much Is Tire Fitting?

The amount you pay to have your tires fitted may vary, it will depend on the following:

  • What diameter the tire has
  • tire type: van/utility vehicle, 4×4, camper van, or passenger car
  • Is it a run-flat or not
  • Will it be fitted to steel wheels or alloy rims

If you’re fitting tires of between 10 and 15 inches, it cost $13.94

If you’re fitting tires of between 16 and 17 inches, it cost $16.26

If you’re fitting tires of between 18 and 19 inches, it cost $18.58

If you’re fitting tires of between 20 inches and up, it cost $22.07

For 4X4/SUV tire fitting, it cost $19.75

For van tire fitting, it cost $19.75

For run-flat tire fitting, it cost $23.23

How Much Does It Cost To Get Tires Fitted USA?

You can buy tires separately and get them fitted separately too. You buy from a wholesale tire supplier in your local shop or garage.

After purchasing your desired tire, you can then take them to a local garage for fitting for about $38.29. You can as well do your wheel balancing and also have the valve stem replaced in the wheel.

However, most garage charges for disposing of the old tires which will cost you about $11.60. But note that you can go to a tire shop and purchase tires there and get them fitted by the seller for  $42.93. This means there is not much difference in the charges.

If you’re close or you stay in USA, I think you might be lucky to find somewhere you can fit and balance your tires for a discount price of $11.60.

Though many garages would charge you about $15.08 for fitting and balancing. But places such as protire would charge you about $23.20 for fitting and balancing.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install New Tires?

It is known that the prices of tires and the prices of having them installed in your vehicle has increased over the decades. This is due to regulations changes and the tires and wheels themselves have become more advanced.

There’s now the introduction of tire pressure monitoring systems in cars, and the lust for larger rims have made many tires more expensive and their installation procedure even more time-consuming.

But before you install new tires, you need to decide the kind of tires you would want to install for you. However, whether you need an economy tire, a mid-range tire or a top-of-the-range tire, you should always find one that will fit your needs.

If you would want your four tires installed on your vehicle with complete service, for example, it would cost:

Tires: $400

Mounting and Balancing: $60

Valve Stems: $12

Tire Disposal: $16

Protection Plan: $48

Alignment: $90

Total: $626

Do Kwik-Fit Fit tires Bought Elsewhere?

Kwik Fit happens to be a car servicing and repair company based in the United Kingdom. They specialize in various kinds of tires, exhausts, brakes, MOT testing, air conditioning recharge, complete car servicing, oil changes.

This company has more than six hundred Kwik Fit garage locations in the United Kingdom. But do they fit tires car owners bought elsewhere?

My answer is a no! Kwik Fit has a policy not to accept fitting tires or other parts that were bought through other suppliers. This means that they cannot fit your tires if you intend to buy them elsewhere rather than buying from them.

However, you can try joining the Kwik Fit Club. They are a loyalty club that allows you to pay a regular monthly amount which will cover your car tire replacements and repairs expenses.

Note only that, it also includes your vehicle MOT (if applicable) and there’s an option to add a full annual service too. Their Kwik Fit Club subscription service was launched nationwide some time ago.

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Who Will Fit Tires Bought Online?

It is possible to fit your tires yourself, but the fitting of tires should be best left to professionals. The reason is because it is a delicate process that needs special tools and training.

But it takes 10-15 mins on average and between 10 and 15 quids to get your tires mounted on wheels. You shouldn’t be scared!

There are many internet users who prefer buying tires online for the first time, even though they are frightened by the potential difficulty in getting these tires mounted.

Most think that the tire suppliers would refuse to render fitting service for them, but that’s not true.

To get your tires fitting done properly, just make sure the garage you want to visit is equipped with all the necessary tools needed to get it done. Also check their servicing fees beforehand. Note that anything up to 25 EUR is considered reasonable.

Is the tire Fitting Hard?

The answer is a NO and a YES. This is because fitting a tire can be challenging and also rewarding. But you’ll have to get all the information and learn all the technical aspects of various types of tires from cars, SUVs, trucks, agricultural and earthmoving vehicles.

However, you can attempt to do it yourself if you want. But to fit your new tires, there are few tools needed like tire iron, jack stands, a car jack, a tire spreader, and a tire inflator.

Even though you do have the complete tools and equipment at your disposal, you will end up spending much time trying to fit new tires than it would for a professional. Only the removal of a single tire from its wheel can be frustrating.

Always remember that an incorrect fitted tire can curse lots of damages to you and your car. It could even lead to road accidents involving other road users and vehicles.

Cost To Fit Tires To Alloys?

For you to purchase a good set of alloys, it would cost you about $2320.31 to $5800.77. But this would depend on what you like and how much you are willing to pay. If you own an SUV, then you need to buy broader tires in case mileage is not one of your concerns.

But there are many factors that could decide the price of fitting an alloy wheel rim. These are the color, number of ribs, finish, material, etc.

If you want to replace your tire alloy rims can cost anywhere from $580.08 to $1160.15 per wheel, or $2320.31 to $4640.61 for your entire car. Note that the exact service price will depend on the type of car you drive and the garage chosen.

You may likely find a garage that will replace them for you for less than $580.08. So to know more about your options, consult your mechanic for a proper solution.

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Mobile Tire Fitting

Getting a mobile tire fitting service might be just fine for you if you’re always busy. It is much like a regular tire fitting you’re used to. 

The only difference is the tire fitter comes to your location. The interesting part is that a mobile tire fitting appointment can take place in any location.

Though there are lots of benefits to have mobile tires fitting at your home or work, as when compared to a garage, include:

It saves time

Whenever mobile tire fitters come to your location, you won’t have to worry about leaving your comfort zone to attend the appointment.

Expert Care

Remember that almost all mobile tire fitters are highly trained personnel, which means you can be rest assured the work would be done quickly and efficiently.

Full Fitting Service

Mobile fitters come with almost everything you would expect from a garage tire fitting agent. This includes fitment, new rubber valve, balancing, and disposal of old tires.


In case your tires wear down to the minimum legal tread depth of 1.6 millimeters, it simply means that the old rubber has worn down and so you need to replace it with a new tire.  

It is highly possible for you to replace your tires by yourself without any issues by just following the instructions above. 

But due to tires can’t be balanced in a home garage, just make sure you get a professional to do it for you.

Doing this yourself is very delicate for you because the procedures require special tools and training. 

Though it takes about 10-15 mins on average and between 10 and 15 minutes to get your tires mounted on your vehicle’s wheels. So you don’t have to be scared!

Once your tire is fitted, handle the surface of the tire gently and help it to achieve its optimal gripping and handling capabilities. 

Just make sure you drive gently for the first 150 to 200 miles after having your new tires fitted. 

Also, you should make sure you stick to dry roads only and drive at a medium speed during this time.

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