How To Break Into Car Wash Change Machines?

You can also find tricks on the internet about how to cheat the change machine at the car wash. A video about how to hack a self-service car wash to get a free car wash went viral. People even stole from car wash coin safes.

Car washes tend to be stolen by car wash hacks

You can also find tricks on the internet about how to cheat the change machine at the car wash. A video about how to hack a self-service car wash to get a free car wash went viral. People even stole from car wash coin safes.

However, whether it’s a car wash or not, some things are free at the expense of others, so stealing is both bad and bad behavior. Luckily, some hacks don’t work on all car washes.

Hacking Into Car Wash Change Machines

You can check money changers and car washes to see if the hack works. If this applies to any of the hacks, it can be fixed by using stricter security measures, being more vigilant, or switching systems as needed.

It is also helpful to hide the car wash coin safe key in a safe place or change the lock, as someone may have access to your keys, or another car wash may have duplicate keys.

Here are some of the methods they often use to get away without paying for the car wash.

1. Use a paper Bill

People can smash into automobile washes and get cash with paper bills. They take their paper invoice and use it inside the exchange gadget to double the quantity on the paper invoice as trade.

This trick only works on change machines where paper strips are pushed vertically into the slots. It doesn’t work with change machines with compartments that you put paper bills in and then push.

Here’s how this trick is done. Let’s say they use a $5 bill.

  • Crumpled a five dollar bill – They crumpled and straightened a five dollar bill. The surface of the bill will wrinkle.
  • Cut the bottom left corner of the five-dollar bill. Specifically, cut 0.5 inches before the number 5 in the bottom left corner.
  • Insert a five-dollar bill, and the machine thinks everything is fine until the scored part breaks in, and you notice the error. Until then, we will reject and reissue the $5 bills. And if done correctly, you will also be given a $5 change.

2. Using Foil

People even used the reflectivity of the foil to hack the change machine at the car wash. Due to the foil’s reflectivity, people trick the change machine’s sensors into giving out change. Here’s how: 

  • The foil is cut to bill size and fits in the change machine slot.
  • Slide the foil into the changer with the shiny side up. Next, the foil reflects the template onto the sensor to validate the invoice. The machine then determines that it is real money and gives you a change.

3. Paper Bill Photocopy

The hack involved creating counterfeit banknotes, which is a serious federal crime. For this purpose, the banknotes are photocopied and used in change machines. 

  • Use the Copier to make one-to-one two-sided copies of paper invoices.
  • Most money changers can be tricked into accepting copies of banknotes. Then it will give the change.

4. Using a Magnet to Get a Free Car Wash

Concerning ripping off vehicle washes, there’s this car wash hack that self-service car wash proprietors have to watch out for, as it’s really popular and went viral on TikTok.

In this approach, a vehicle wash hack magnet could be used to tear off the automobile wash device. Fortunately, this hack doesn’t work on all self-carrier car wash machines. Older self-provider car wash machines are the ones which might be liable to this hack.

But even though the more recent self-service car wash machines could not be ripped off with this hack, there would be the threat of them getting damaged. Inside the case that it receives damaged, you may locate the violator.

  • This hack uses a large, powerful magnet. You can play around with the self-service car wash machine to get free credits. Place the magnet over the coin selector to trigger the machine and give you free car wash credits.
  • Tap the coin validator’s magnet repeatedly to gain more and more credits. The more times you tap, the longer the car wash will take.

5. Using a Car Wash Coin Vault Key to Steal Money

There may be additionally the opportunity of a thief having a collection of car wash coin vault keys that they might use to break into automobile wash coin vaults to steal money. It can be an interior activity or a person collecting keys from another vehicle wash. Under is how the thief could do it:

  • They keep a collection of keys to the car wash coin safe. They tried each key until they could open the coin safe. Once they opened it, they would take the money.
  • They put the lock back on to make it look like no crime had been committed. And the car wash owner didn’t realize it had been stolen until he came to pick up the money.

How to Trick a Car Wash Change Machine?

You can track the car wash machine by inserting a bill the same size as the coin. It will show that a coin is being inserted into the machine and will start working. Just fold the bill in the shape of a coin and put it instead of the actual cash.

Another way to trick a machine is to put some rock or anything; it will get approved, and you will get a free car wash. 

Another thing you can do is fold the bill in half the actual size as it can also help you trick the car wash machine, and you can get a free car wash.

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How to open a change machine without key?

If you have lost a machine’s key and want to open it, there are no worries. It is effortless to trick a machine. It would help if you had some metal wires through which you could open it. 

Put the metal wires in the keyhole and twist it; it will get opened after some time. Another thing is to use a card or something sturdy. 

Please put it in the critical place and try to open it. After a few tries, you can open the machine without a key. 

If these things are not working, use a screwdriver and open the panel of the machine. It will take five minutes to unlock the device.

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How can I hack my car wash for free?

To hack a car wash for free, use a magnet. Simply bring the magnet close to the car wash machine and wait until the machine detects the magnet. With this trick the payment option will be canceled and you can get a free car wash. 

FAQs-How To Break Into Car Wash Change Machine?

How do you break into a car wash changer?

The three simple ways to break into a car wash changer are;
Use a metal rod or some other sharp object to open the changer
Use a screwdriver or other tool to remove the panel on the front of the machine
Once the panel is off, you’ll be able to access the cash

How profitable is a coin car wash?

Car wash business is a profitable business to be considered. Coin car wash has many factors which can affect the income but on an average it usually starts from $41,000 per year for a small self-serving car wash to about $700,000 per year for huge luxury cars. 
Planning to start a car wash business in a big city can be a wonderful idea. But this profitable business has its negative sides too. 

How do you open a car washer?

Firstly make a business plan
Select a unique name and get your business registered
Get the license, make sure to get business insurance too
Separate the business finances
Look for a place where most people and cars move from
Consider small financing needs
Make it safe and secure

Is it profitable to open a car wash?

Yes, opening a car wash is profitable; as it’s a business which can be self served and not much human effort is required. It’s all financing and technology work. You just need to find the right place for starting it and you can earn a lot through it yearly.


Regarding business, a car wash is a really useful and high-profit business. Car wash businesses can be installed anywhere without the need for any human assistance. 

But where there is technology, there are hacks, and such businesses can be hacked. 

Car wash machines can easily be hacked, and people can break into the cash machine in different ways.

Hope this article helped you in getting your relevant answers. 

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