How To Buy a Car In Bloxburg?

There are several ways to get a car in Blocksburg. You can buy cars from other dealers or make a lot of cars with nearby drivers. 

How to buy a car in Bloxburg?

  • Vehicles are the primary means of transportation in Bloxburg. Vehicles can be purchased from Mike’s Motors or directly in Build Mode.
  • Finding a nearby car dealership is one way.
  • Another option is to search for used cars.

Mike’s Motors is a Bloxburg body shop and dealer owned by Mike Carson. Players can manage NPC vehicles ranging from mopeds to motorcycles and work as a mechanic at Mike’s Motors helping solve problems specified by NPCs. Issues include refilling oil, changing tires, and spray painting vehicles. There are currently no discounts for purchasing Mike’s Motors vehicles in lieu of build modes that apply to fine furnishings.



You can see some windows outside the building. The walls are painted gray below and red above. There is a large text on the wall just outside the rest that says “Mike’s Motors”.


there are two main rooms that cannot be entered into each other. The first room has a large vehicle shop where you can buy vehicles and a counter with Mike Carson behind it. The second room has a red mat, four clerk switches, a paint stand, oil, and a tire. This is the mechanic’s job.

Mike Carson’s Dialogue

“Welcome to Mike’s Car! What can I help you with today?”

“I want to buy a vehicle!”

“What is this place?”

“The best dealer in Blocksburg, Mike’s Motors!”


ImageItemGame DescriptionCreatorCost
Moped.pngMopedThis classic moped may not be the fastest ride, but it certainly looks nice.Coeptus$12,500
Stats: Speed 40, Quality 6, Reliability 4, Seats 1
Roat500.pngRoat 500Smaller cars may not be very pretty, but they certainly work.Coeptus$18,000
Stats: Speed 50, Quality 4, Reliability 2, Seats 2
ClassicMotorcycle.pngClassic MotorcycleThis awesome Bloxy Davidson bike is the real deal.CoeptusB$800
Stats: Speed 60, Quality 8, Reliability 10, Seats 1
QuadBike.pngMadMud Quad BikeThis MadMud all-terrain quad bike is perfect for camping trips in the woods.CoeptusB$1,000
Stats: Speed 60, Quality 7, Fun 8, Reliability 10, Seats 1
Bloxter.pngBloxster DLX2With a high-performance engine, turbocharged acceleration and Goodblox tires, this extremely powerful motorcycle can reach lightning speed.CoeptusB$1,600
Stats: Speed 70, Quality 10, Reliability 10, Seats 1
BordBullet.pngBord BulletWith its powerful engine, glossy chrome details and matte finish, the new Bullet is the definition of a true muscle car.CoeptusB$2,500
Stats: Speed 70, Quality 8, Reliability 10, Seats 2




Mikes motors interior

Interior of Mike’s Motors


Working as a mechanic.

Mike's Motors-0

An employee during their shift at Mike’s Motors, holding a tire.


Roblox Mike’s Motors toy of a mechanic.


Mike Carson as a toy.


  • Mike’s Motors is named after Mikedop, one of the Welcome to Bloxburg contributors.
  • Players cannot repair their vehicles in the shop.
  • Roblox once sold a real toy promo featuring Mike’s Motors known as Welcome to Bloxburg: Mechanic Mayhem. Players also receive a hat that reads “Mike’s Motors” with toy promotions on it.
  • This toy is no longer for sale.
  • In the 0.9.3 Christmas update, Mike Carson sold 6 vehicles.

How do you drive a car in Bloxburg on a computer?

For driving a car in Bloxburg on a computer, you must use four essential keys; W, A, D and S. These are the standard control methods in most PC games. 

W: It controls the forward movement

S: It controls the backward movement

A: It is used for left turning

D: It is used for right turning

These keys are considered default replacements for the arrow keys that don’t work well in Bloxburg.

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Best car to buy in Bloxburg on TikTok.

There are many fantastic cars which you can buy in Bloxburg, and every car has its special functions and features. Some of the best cars include;

Best Bloxburg cars

The Bloxus TS is the fastest vehicle in Welcome to Bloxburg and a favorite with players. Bloxus TS is available for B$3,250. Bloxus TS is a build-mode vehicle.

This vehicle has a speed of 76 and is convertible, so it’s the perfect summer car. The

Bloxus TS is the fastest car on “Welcome to Bloxburg” with 76. 

Fans of the game have noted and often noted that Bloxus TS may be based on the real-life Toyota Supra and Mazda MX-5 Miata. A nod to Porsche, his Boxster in the rear of the car. Part of the car is based on the Scion FR-S. 

The Bloxus TS and Bloxavor 4×4 are the only convertible vehicles at Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg. The Bloxus TS home is valued at $65,000. Bloxus TS costs 950 Robux in in-game build mode. 

Bloxus TS cars have a bug where the wheels appear to have one color when parked in a parking lot but change color when not parked or not driving. 

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How to get a job in Bloxburg?

The Fisherman

Fishing at Welcome to Bloxburg is fun and peaceful, especially with the shores, Ferris wheel and ice cream parlors nearby. Start at the hut with a randomly selected color fishing rod and cast the line into the water. 

The only inevitable thing in this area is hygiene. Fishing pays $13 without a game pass and $44 with a game pass for top-level 1 employees.

Delivery Person

Delivering pizza in Welcome to Bloxburg is a fun job. You get a shiny red moped and drive around the map while unloading pizza. Earnings vary from $25 per delivery for a regular employee to $44 for a distinguished employee. 

The distance you have to travel is random, so you might drive all over town to get your pizza delivered. Pick up your pizza from the conveyor belt in the back of the store, hop on your moped and follow the yellow arrows to the waiting customers.

Cars in Bloxburg prices

  • Kick Scooter – $2,300
  • LittleWheels Off-Road Crawler –  $11,750
  • Roat 500 – $18,000
  • Bloxai Voyage – $25,000
  • Roto Minivan  – $52,500
  • RB Breeze Hardtop – $76,000

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How to get a B in Bloxburg?

There are two basic currencies in Welcome to Bloxburg: Money and Blockbux (B).

The B is earned by;

  • Working, Doing a job
  • Logging in to collect your daily rewards
  • Selling items
  • Receiving donations from other players as well
  • Purchase Roblox
  • Purchasing starter pack
  • Winning continuous Streak Trophies

New Bloxburg cars

Some new Bloxburg cars include;

  • Bloxus TS for B$3,250
  • Roat 500 
  • Bloxavor 4×4
  • RB Breeze Hardtop
  • Sno-Tek Snowmobile

What is the most expensive car in Bloxburg?

Noobus Superior is the flagship build mode. Its exterior consists of four seats, a beautiful interior and a small dab knob on the car’s hood. 

Players can be purchased for $170,000. Superior can hold four players at once and has the following stats:

Speed: 68

Quality: 5+

Reliability: 4+

What is the fastest vehicle in Bloxburg?

The fattest vehicle in Bloxburg is Bloxus TS. It is the fastest vehicle with a high speed of 76. 

FAQs: how to buy a car in bloxburg

What is the cheapest car in Bloxburg?

Roat 500 is the cheapest car in Bloxburg. It can be purchased from Mike’s Motors or the starter pack for 399 Robux. This is the cheapest car; at $18,000, it is the 8th cheapest car.

How do I drive a car in Bloxburg?

What is the cheapest car in Bloxburg?
Roat 500 is the cheapest car in Bloxburg. It can be purchased from Mike’s Motors or the starter pack for 399 Robux. This is the cheapest car; at $18,000, it is the 8th cheapest car.


There are different ways through which you can drive and buy cars in Bloxburg. It’s a fantastic game, but to stick to it, you need to have some reliable job to gain points. You can have a different vehicle and buy and sell different vehicles too. 

To access vehicles, click the car-like icon on the right side of the screen. This will bring up a list of vehicles, one of which you can double-click to spawn.

I hope this article helped you in giving answers to all your desired questions.

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