How To Bypass Parking Brake Wire On Dual?

  • Take out the unit from the dashboard.
  • The next step is to find the correct wire. It should be -12 volts. Most cars have this black wire, but sometimes, the color is changed for some specifically designed cars.
  •  Strip the wire from the end to connect it with the other. It should be stripped for at least half an inch so it can get connected quickly.
  • To avoid any spark, twist the wires properly and cover them with tape.
  •  After it is done, put the unit inside as the process is completed.
  • Turn on the system to check if everything is working. You can reconnect the wires and restart the unit if it has issues.

Where do I connect the parking brake wire?

The stereo system will be connected to the parking brake to enable the system. It is effortless to connect the brake wire. 

Examine the whole system and try to locate the green wire in it. Cut the green wire and teat off its terminal. After stripping the wire for half an inch on both sides, join the wires.

It’s time to thread the wire with the brake wire through the dashboard mid-section. Secure both wires with tape or any cap. 

Now check whether the system is working correctly or not. If the system is not working, try to reconnect the wires again. 

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What is the parking brake wire color?

The parking brake wire is light green. This wire is used in emergencies. It is connected with the handbrake. 

This wire helps control the balance and stops the car in time in case of typical brake failure. It has a cable connected to two wheels that helps the car stop its motion and lowers the risk of severe accidents.

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Pioneer parking brake bypass DIY

Different methods can help these wires to connect. Connect the blue wire from the pioneer bypass to the blue or white pioneer wire. 

Now connect the black wire with the whole wiring system. 

You can connect to one of the old junctions or make a new radio system. 

Join the light green wire with the pioneer bypass. This wire is long and can go up to 4 ft.

Dual XDVD9101 Parking Brake Bypass

The dual XDVD9101 is designed so that it cannot be connected without following specific steps. Two steps can be done for the parking brake bypass.

You can factory reset the menu. It will clear all the previous data. It can be done by going to the menu, opening settings, and then clicking on yes reset factory settings.

Another method is to insert a DVD into it. Hear the sound when it is playing. Press stop more than once on a remote. Enter 26604 and press ENTER. The warming on the screen will go rapidly after entering these digits.

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Dual xdvd9101 brake bypass code

The brake bypass code does not typically work and has some specific options.

The toggle switch: place this in line and park the car. Flip it for a few seconds until the unit gets signals. It will respond but must turn off every time because it is necessary.

A bypass module is another option. It is costly but worth spending and will work in the long term. It costs around $30 but will not turn off like the toggle. The DVD player will always be working.

The second method is more accurate and worthy.

Axxera (Dual) AV6117B Parking Brake & Reverse Wires

The parking brake and reverse wires are connected to the same unit. The DVD must show a warning when the car is parked or reversed. 

The reverse wire is also connected to the back camera, that’s why as soon as it is turned on. They both have different mechanisms, although they are connected in one place.

FAQs: how to bypass parking brake wire on dual

How do you bypass the park brake wire? 

It is simple to bypass the park brake wire. Connect the stereo with the ground wire. Once it is bypassed, the video display can be seen properly. You can also see the car stereo while driving. It can also be used by toggling the switch or a relay. They both will do the same thing. All these steps need to be done very carefully to avoid any mistakes.

How do you bypass a dual DVD player while driving?

To bypass a dual DVD player while driving, the following are the steps that need to be performed:
Install a toggle switch and then install a DVD bypass. Now cut off the ground wire at the back of the receiver. It is better to buy a separate player for the back seat passengers.

How do I bypass the Kenwood parking brake wire?

It is simple, and bypassing the Kenwood parking brake wire is almost the same as the others. It is more costly than ordinary wires but worth spending the amount. The cost would be $50. It makes the whole process a thousand times easier. Install the brake wire by removing the unit from the dashboard and connecting the wires accordingly.

How do I get my car DVD player to play while driving?

Start the car by putting the keys into the ignition. Once the car is started, turn on the DVD player. It is up to you if you want to insert a DVD inside the player or select other methods to play anything. Once it is started, could you choose the options from it to play? It will be visible on the front panel of the DVD player.


In the article mentioned above, you learned how to bypass the brake wire. You also learn bout the parking wire connecting and disconnecting methods. It is simple, as is mentioned at the start.

We also discussed the working of DVD players in the car and how it is connected to the parking brake wires. Please give it a detailed read to learn more about this. 

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