How to Cover a Broken Car Window?

It is not very tough to cover a broken car window. How to cover a broken car window? Following are the steps:

  • The first step is to remove all the glass from the window because it can badly affect someone. It can be hazardous if you leave a broken window like this.
  • Remove all the debris or extra material from the window so it looks neat, and cleans the window and your car from the inside with a vacuum.
  •  It is better to use a damp cloth to clean the access of anything on the windows.
  • Use blinds or window covers to cover the broken window temporarily.

10 Steps To Cover A Broken Car Window

Following are the steps to cover a broken car window:

Step no 1: Gather all tools

The most critical step to covering a broken car window is gathering all the required stuff. It requires a plastic sheet or a garbage bag, tape, a car vacuum, fiber cloth, extra sheets, and pieces of paper to protect the bottom of the window. These all are required to fix a window.

Step no 2: Remove remaining glass

Start removing the remaining glass from the window. Always wear a glove that cannot damage your hand. Removing all the sharp edges of broken glass is important because it can hurt someone. It should be taken out slowly to avoid any injury.

Step no 3: Clean glass debris

Clean all the mess. Use a car vacuum to clean the debris of glass inside the car. The vacuum should have different attachments so it can cleanse from all corners and everybody can be safe inside the vehicle. Try to vacuum from every corner and double-check it.

Step no 4: Using damp cloth 

Use a damp cloth to clean all the glass residue on the window and inside the car. It is better to wear a glove as it can cause injury. Try to do the process two to three times to clean everything.

Step no 5: Take Measurements

It is essential to take the proper measurements before fixing it. Put the plastic sheet inside the door and close it, now, take the exact measures and choose where to cut the plastic wrap. Do it calmly. After marking, cut it neatly with the scissors or cutter.

Step no 6: Use garbage bag

It is time to attach the garbage bag or plastic sheet. It is essential to use a good quality garbage bag or if you use plastic sheets, try to buy a strong one. It is long-lasting and works the best in the long run. 

Double the garbage bag or plastic sheet and attach it to the window. Use a double-sided tape to adhere to the window. The garbage bag would be attached to the inside edge of the window so it cannot move. It is better to use a good quantity of tape to protect the bag.

Step no 7: Attach garbage bag with tape

After you attach the garbage bag with tape, applying an extra layer of tape is better. It is better to cover the car window with tape. It is better to buy extra rolls of tape as required. The second layer of the tape will make the glass window more secure and will not move.

Step no 8: Ensure safety of car windows

Always check if the window is secured enough or not. The purpose of this effort is to ensure the car and the window. It is better to keep checking.

Step no 9: Repair quickly

The best way to fix the window is to repair it as quickly as possible. It is essential as the temporary solution will not last long, and you can’t leave your car alone in a public place with these plastics. It is effortless for someone to break into the plastic sheets and tear them off. It is essential to repair your window.

Step no 10: Use glass films

Different temporary glass films are available on the market if you don’t have a plastic bag or garbage bag. Keep one bottle in your car. In case of emergency, use this, which is convenient. Another way to protect a broken glass is to use rubbing alcohol to fix the glass.

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How to cover a broken car window from rain?

If you have a broken window and it’s raining, there are multiple ways to prevent your car from being wet. 

The broken window can be covered with a plastic sheet; it can also be covered with substantial packing tapes, the tapes won’t move for a very long time, and your car will stay protected. 

Another solution is using a large garbage bag. The large bags are good quality and can prevent your vehicle from raining. 

The strong garbage back can be attached to the window with the help of tape. Another thing you can do is frame your broken window with a double plastic sheet and secure it with large tape, so the water does not come inside.

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The best material to cover broken car window

Different materials can be used to cover broken car windows. The market is filled with other quality plastic. You can use any plastic sheet to cover your broken window. 

Large garbage bags can be used in different layers to protect your window and car. Packing tapes are also available to cover the broken window. Other types of waterproof papers can also be used to cover broken windows.

If you don’t have a garbage bag or plastic cover, the simple way to cover the broken window is to use blinds or window shades. 

These are also good options for a temporary basis. Shades will work best for a broken window.

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Temporary window repair film

There are different temporary window repair films.

·        Alpena window repair kit is one of the window repair films that can work temporarily and last for a good time. It is effortless to install as it has double-sided tape, which helps it stick for a long time. The best thing about this film is its water and temperature resistance. It can be cut in different shapes and fits appropriately. It costs around $10.

·        There are other temporary films as well to cover the broken window. They all are easy to use, light in weight, durable and water resistant. They all come within budget and can last for a good time.

·        If you don’t have anything else, use a nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol to bind the window glass together; it will hold it for a few hours until you get it repaired.

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Temporary fix for broken car rear window

The best way to fix the broken car’s rear window is to use a plastic sheet or a wrapper. It is better if the sheet is transparent.

Other than that, there are wrapping tapes in the market that can be used to cover broken windows. If the glass is cracked, use temporary films to adjust it.

If the repairing film is unavailable, use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover to fix that for a brief time. A garbage bag is another good option if there isn’t anything available. It works the best as it is quality and can stay for a good time.

10 Best Temporary car window repair kits

Best temporary car window repair kits are as follows;

A windshield repair kit

A windshield repair kit is one of the most used to fix the window temporarily. It is straightforward and has a nozzle, making it more convenient. It is long-lasting and dries quickly. It has an advanced formula, fills the long cracks and comes within budget.

Permatex windshield repair kit

Permatex windshield repair kit is another suitable repair kit to use. It also applies conveniently. It has a heavy-duty formula, which makes it long-lasting. It filled up the deep cracks and spread quickly.

A Bluestar windshield repair kit

A Bluestar windshield repair kit is also suitable for repairing the glass temporarily. It has the best results and is better than so many other kits available on the market.

The best part about this product is that it can be used on any glass; it will give a good effect. It is long-lasting and comes within budget.

Glisten car windshield repair kit

Glisten car windshield repair kit is another valuable product for cars. It is helpful in many ways. It is easy to apply, and it works better for thin cracks. It dries within half an hour, which is good as you can resume work afterwards.

 3M windshield repair kit

 3M windshield repair kit is also used to repair the broken window. It is easy to apply, has no strict instructions, and dries fast. It is an excellent value for money as it is used in less quantity but works well for the glass.

Vershachem windshield repair kit

Vershachem windshield repair kit is one of the excellent adhesives used to repair the windows’ glass. It fills up the thinnest cracks and is very easy to apply. It can be used more than once as it has a decent quantity. It fills up to 90% cracks.

PDR king windshield kit 

PDR king windshield kit is a professional kit. It has different types of adhesives, depending on the situation. Multiple types of glue inside can be used on broken or cracked glasses.

It has the best products, which are durable, easy to apply and worth the money. It is everything you need. This kit is a one-time buy, and you can use it for a longer time as the quantity of the products is a lot.

J-B weld windshield repair kit

J-B weld windshield repair kit is another good product used to repair cracks. It fills up the gaps properly. It is long-lasting and easy to apply. It comes within budget and has good customer service.

ATG windshield repair kit

ATG windshield repair kit is used for all types of glasses. It can fix cracked or broken glasses. The application is easy, and it dries within an hour. It has a solid formula. It comes on a budget, and it is long-lasting.

A rain-X windshield repair kit

A rain-X windshield repair kit is used for cracks and broken glasses. It is easy to use, and it repairs the damages quickly. It only fills the tiny gaps; it is not meant for significant gaps.

FAQs: How to Cover a Broken Car Window

How do I temporarily cover a broken car window?

The best way to temporarily cover a broken car window is to tape a garbage bag to the door. It is the easiest and safe way to protect your car. Even if it is raining, the garbage bag will protect the interior. Some other plastic sheets and tapes can also be used as a cover for a brief time. The best way to use a garbage bag is to use double-sided tape on both sides and attach it to the places where the glass was attached. It will stick properly. It is better to use good-quality tape.

What is the easiest way to cover a car window?

There are different easy ways like using window blinds, plastic covers, garbage bags, packaging tapes, etc. There are the easiest ways to do this. It is good to protect your cars from further damage and maintain it for a temporary period.

How do you cover a broken car window with plastic wrap?

Use double-sided tape on plastic wrap. It is better to use high-quality tape to make it long-lasting. Use it in the place where your glass was attached. Try to stick it properly to avoid any mishap. It is better to cover it by folding the plastic wrap so it can be better and does not tear off.

How do you cover a broken window without tape?

You can still fix the broken window if you don’t have any tape. Use any plastic sheet or garbage bag and stick it into the window. You can also attach the bag to the car door, so it does not move. It is one of the easiest ways to cover a broken window. The simple way to cover a broken window is by using blinds. It will get fixed into the windows, and you won’t need any tape.


In the article mentioned above, you learnt how to cover a broken window for a temporary period. There are different easy ways mentioned to do that. Other steps can tell you how to protect the broken window in detail. Some temporary films can fix the broken window for a good time. 

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