How To Drain AC System In Car?

How to drain AC system in car? Draining the AC system in a car can be done by different methods:

  •  It is better to clean all the tubes and filters to remove the blockade. Clean all the evaporators to get a better result.
  •  Having the proper tools is more helpful and easy to do without inconvenience. You should have some knowledge regarding using the tools.
  •  It is better to look at every fitting so you won’t forget anything later. Clean everything you take out properly.

How to evacuate and recharge a car’s AC system?

It is simple to evacuate and recharge a car’s AC system. You need to follow some steps:

  • It is better to get the exact equipment. It’s essential to take all the safety measures before proceeding further. After this, release the gas from the tank and prepare it for the next step.
  • Removing any moisture from the tank and cleaning it properly is better. It can be done with a vacuum pump. The air in it will release extra stuff and empty the tank properly.
  • Take the gauges out and check before it is connected to the vehicle. It is essential to check whether the ends are closed or not. Also, check the pressure. After this step, connect the hoses to the recovery unit.
  • Once everything is done, check if any ends are open. Sometimes, there are leakage issues.
  • Now disconnect the gauges and close all other open ends. If there is any need, replace the port covers.

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How to drain r134a from the car?

It is simple to drain r134a from a car. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  •  Fix the gauge and lower pressure service
  • Activate recovery machine
  •  Detach the recovery machine

Fix the gauge and lower pressure service

Fix the gauge in the ports by following all the safety measures. Keep in mind to fix every attachment in its proper place. Once it is fixed, check the pressure and set it according to the requirement. Keep following the sequence, and it will be done.

Activate recovery machine

It is essential to activate the recovery machine. Once it is switched on, place it on the service ports so it can clean everything properly and extract the extra refrigerant from your car’s AC.

Detach the recovery machine

Once the recovery machine has performed its function and extracted the dirt and other contaminants from the AC pump, detach the recovery machine from the service ports.

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How to evacuate the car ac system at home?

Evacuating the car ac system at home is easy. A few things need to be kept in mind.

  • It is better to check the lower pressure port on the car. It is the first and essential step. It is located near the compressor. It needs some focus.
  • When you have found the lower pressure port, connect it with a refrigerant can. Now turn on your engine first, then open the refrigerant can. It is vital to release the old Freon from AC.
  • Once it is done, disconnect the refrigerant and the pressure port. Once it is completed, turn on the ac on your car.

Evacuate car ac system cost

  • The evacuation and recharge cost around $119 to $280. It depends on the model of the vehicle and how it is manufactured.
  • The refrigerant and refill cost around $100 to $300, depending on the model and the size of the HCAV unit.
  • The refrigerant removal costs around $100 to $300, depending on the tools and the labor.

Best AC vacuum pumps

Following are the best AC vacuum pumps:

Zeny AC Vacuum pumps

There are different affordable options in the market, and Zeny is one of them. It is one of the most used vacuum pumps. It has one of the best features.

  •  five cubic feet per minute of air flowing.
  • The pump power rating of ¼ HP
  • 30-day long warranty
  •  Comes shockproof and wearable base

It is very affordable and comes under the budget. It has a high value for money due to its best performance. The only issue is the 30-day warranty of the pump.

Robinair AC vacuum pump

It has a powerful vacuum pump. It is also one of the best sellers. Robinair has some of the best features.

  • Five cubic feet per minute of air flowing.
  • The pump power rating of 1/3 HP
  • 1-year warranty
  • 2 stage design for extra performance

It has a high value for money. It has heavy-duty usage. It is a sturdy base, and it provides stability.

The only cons of this vacuum pump are the quality should have been improved.

XtremepowerUS AC vacuum pump

It is also one of the best seller’s vacuum pumps. It is efficient and low on noise. The oil changing in this vacuum pump is elementary. There are some of the best features.

Three cubic feet per minute air flowing rating

  • The pump power rating of ¼ HP
  • 1-year warranty
  •  Diecast aluminum alloy casing
  • It is very durable and light in weight. It is easy to pour, and oil can be drained quickly. There is no oil leakage.
  • It has not the most potent option.

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Do you have to vacuum the AC system after compressor replacement?

Yes, it is important to vacuum the AC system after compressor replacement. It allows for the removal of any moisture or any other dirt. It improves the quality and the performance. If you don’t vacuum, it will clog the pump and causes issues later.

Why is flushing a car AC system Important?

It is essential to flush a car AC system. with time; there is an increase of impurities and harmful components that can damage the car AC. It can stop working if there is no proper cleaning. It is better to flush the car AC system, or it can cost you a lot of money.


The tips mentioned above and information will help you drain the AC in your car. It is easy and could be done by putting in a little effort. 

Certain things must be kept in mind, e.g., knowing how to clean the pump and where to place certain parts. 

It is also better to buy the best vacuum pumps that help you properly clean your AC system and do not consume that much time. 

Another thing that needs to be focused on is correctly flushing your car’s AC system to avoid any future inconvenience.

I hope this article will help you and you get your desired answers.

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