How To Draw A F1 Car 2022? [Easy] Step By Step Guide

Formula One (additionally referred to as Formula 1 or F1) is the highest international auto racing class for single-seater racing autos sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).

Formula One (additionally referred to as Formula 1 or F1) is the highest international auto racing class for single-seater racing autos sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).

The series is owned by Freedom Media, an American mass media company managed by its founder and chairman John C. Malone, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, the Formula One Group. The Globe Drivers’ Champion, which became the FIA Formula One World Champion in 1981, has been just one of the leading types of racing worldwide, given its inaugural season in 1950.

The word formula in the name describes the set of regulations to which all participants’ vehicles have to adapt. A Formula One period includes a series of races, known as Grands Prix (French for ‘grand prizes’ or ‘terrific prizes’), which happen worldwide on purpose-built circuits and closed public roads.

Here are some interesting facts about Formula 1 Cars:

     1. F1 Vehicles Can Increase From 0 To 100 MPH and Hit Back To Zero Within 4 Seconds.

     2. Typical Standard Price Of An F1 Car Is $7 Million Without Basic Parts.

     3. Brake Discs Can Reach 1,000 Levels Centigrade.

     4. The Engine Can’t Be Turned When It’s Cold.

     5. Each Car Has 80k Constructed Component.

     6. The F1 Engine Can Not Work For More Than Five Races.

 ‘Draw Formula 1 Car’ step by step

In this tutorial, we used the following supplies:
  • Pencil B
  • Pencil- Blue color
  • Pencil 6B
f1 race time

Step 1. Start building the axles. Draw a horizontal line to measure the long machine’s length, and the axles will contain the wheels. (Pencil B)

formula one

Step 2. Draw on the rear wheels’ axes; in the front, we put the base and do the same at the back, not forgetting that they are in perspective. (Pencil B)

formula 1

Step 3. Next, add the thickness of the wheel and add lines to represent the vehicle. (Pencil B)


Step 4. Add decorative lines to the base of the machine (Pencil B)

f1 tv

Step 5. Draw the top of the car, add a wheel on the back, and draw the details on the other two. (Pencil B)

f1 racing

Step 6. Remove the unnecessary construction lines to make the outline clearer. (Pencil B)


Step 7. Start shading the dark parts, do the same general tone. (Pencil B)

f1 car

Step 8. With the help of a Siberian pencil, add small color elements, with a pencil Add a general tone to all the machines. (Pencil- Blue color)

f1 race

Step 9. Begin the detailed work. We work on the dark areas, shade the machine, making a small stretch to better convey the volume (Pencil 6B)

formula 1 car

Step 10. The last step is to work out the car’s wheels, so that they are the darkest, so we do not forget to do a little stretch of the color, taking into account the light and shade. (Pencil 6B)  

How to draw a Red Bull F1 car?

  • Start by drawing a form that seems like a thinly sliced ​​piece of mouse cheese. Once you’ve executed that, you can remove one of the tire shapes at the proper facet and the fin on the back of the auto.
  • Now you start sketching the shape and design of the Formula 1 Red Bull car. Start with the hump, where the camera mount and engine intake are located. You will then sketch the back of the driver’s seat design and then the upper frame of the car. Before moving on to the next step, add some details and lining.
  • Now you can start drawing the shape of the hood, which has a slight arch in the front. When that’s done, pull out the flat square design of the wing. There is trim and detailing on this build. 
  • Draw the front wheel in more detail and then color the inside of the wheel rim or drum. Next, sketch the arched shape of the back where the rear wheel will be located, then ultimately draw the rear wing.
  • Complete the sketch of the car frame that hugs or sits low to the ground, and then draw the front and rear wheels. The rear tire is threaded, and the front wheel is rimmed. Next, sketch the front suspension attached to the front wheel, and then start erasing all the lines and shapes you drew in the first step.
  • When you’re done, your car should look like the picture you were following. Color it, and it’s ready then.

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How to draw the f1 car, Mercedes?

For drawing an F1 car Mercedes, you require Pencil, Blue color, and an eraser. Follow the following steps for drawing the vehicle.

  • Start by building axles, and draw a horizontal line measuring the long machine’s length. The axels will contain the wheels.
  • Now draw the axes of the wheels in the front. Put the base and repeat the same at the back. Make sure they are in a perspective position.
  • Add some thickness to the wheel and some lines to represent your car.
  • Add some decorative lines for the base and look fo a car
  • Now simply draw the top head of the car, add a wheel on the back and draw the details on both.
  • Once done, remove the extra lines for a much better result and outline.
  • Now shade the dark parts and give a light touch.
  • Using dark pencil and other colors gives a nice look by shading the car and its sticker areas and by adding Mercedes colors.

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How do you draw a Ferrari with a Ferrari?

Follow the following steps for drawing a Ferrari.

  • First, sketch out the basic outline of Ferrari. Draw the car’s body and then the roof with a curved line.
  • Now outline the long and angular headlights, lines on the hood, and the lines of the radiator grille.
  • Now sketch out the lines of windows and side mirrors. Draw wheels by making circles.
  • Now in this step, start drawing the grille of the Ferrari, which is divided into three parts.
  • After this, carefully draw the headlights and lines on the car’s hood and emblem.
  • Now with a light hand, using smooth and curved lines, draw the car’s roof and lines of windows. Draw out the mirrors as well.
  • After all, this gives the car a final touch by drawing lines on the body of the Ferrari, lines on the door, and other parts.
  • Draw the rims and wheels, and use the shape of Ferrari wheels.
  • After that, give it a final touch by adding shades and colors.

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How do you draw a Lamborghini car?

To draw a Lamborghini car, you need to keep a picture of the car in front of you and start drawing it.

  • Use a pencil and eraser to draw it.
  • Start with the basic outline of the car; draw the case of the car first, then draw the front and back. Now draw the front and rear fenders and the headlights of the vehicle. You’ll need to use basic shapes like circles and ovals for drawing. Draw a semi-rectangular shape on both sides of the oval. Now draw two ovals for wheels.
  • After that, draw the trapezoid for the windshield and oval with sharp edges for the windows.
  • After the basic sketch, add Lamborghini’s distinctive curves and lines. Sketch the car’s body lines, including the A-pillars and the rear decklid. 
  • After all necessary parts are drawn, do not add other details like pipes, badges, taillights, etc.

Things you need to draw F1 car

You need paper, Graphite pencils, Color pencils, Eraser, Sharpener, Scale, Pastel Pencils, Conté Sticks, crayons, pencils, pens, markers and more.


There have been some tricky drawings in this guide on drawing F1 cars, so now you get to take it easy with some fun coloring for the final step!

Now it’s your fun part and your creative mind how you make your drawing attractive, colorful, and worth looking at. I would suggest using some colored pens or markers to make the colors pop, but there are many fantastic art mediums you could use to bring your racecar to life.

Hope this article guides you according to your needs and desired questions. 

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