How To Fix Bullet Holes In Car?

How to fix bullet holes in car?

  1.       Clean the area around the holes 
  2.       Cut the damaged area.
  3.       Fix the holes by using a metal sheet 
  4.       Use somebody fillers 
  5.       Use epoxy and tapes for small holes 
  6.       Use Automotive prime with a spray 
  7.       Paint the Spot.

How much does it cost to fix a bullet hole in the car?

A bullet hole in a car when it goes to fix the damage depends upon the number of holes and other damages to the car. The hole repair costs 30 to 60 $. As the hole, the amount will rise. If bullets have damaged other equipment like airbags, glass, and computers, it may cost more than 500$.

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Can you fix a bullet hole?

With a simple method, you can fix it. Follow the steps :

  1. Clean the area around the hole carefully.No, paint and rust; anything should be around the hole.
  2. Take pieces of metal sheet, and cut down the pieces according to the hole size. So it can cover the hole, and you will melt some of the areas around it. 
  3. Now put the piece of the metal sheet over the hole. Cover it with masking tape. 
  4. With the help of Plummer solder and a soldering gun, you will fix the piece of sheet. Remove the masking tape after some time. 
  5. Clean the covered hole with a toothbrush and water. Use a belt sander to clean the area clearly.

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Does insurance cover bullet holes?

Insurance covers the repair of bullet holes if you have good insurance coverage. It depends on the damage. How many bullet holes the car has will cost as per the number of holes if you have a good credit report without any difficult financial matters. 

Insurance companies play their role. The main point is if you have applied for the services and some people have an app provided by insurance companies, by which they know the full details of the car. So you don’t need to worry. 

Yes, If your car insurance company allows you or it is in their policy to repair the holes. First, you have to check their policies. Comprehensive coverage pays to repair a car if damaged.

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How do you seal a hole in a car?

With a simple way, you can seal the hole by following the steps; 

  1. Take adhesive foil tape, aluminum is perfect to seal holes. 
  2. Cut the tape according to the size of the hole.
  3. Peel it and stick it over the hole. 
  4. Do the paint over these tapes with full care and technique. The holes are nicely sealed.

How would you fix a bullet hole on the roof of a car?

While talking about roofs, it is not as simple as a gauge rather than a hole. You can use a nice plastic stinging ( kind of sticker ) available on the market. 

They just stick on the required area from inside of the roof, having pretty pictures of it. Unwrap it, remove the tape paper from the back side of the sticking plastic accessory and push it over the hole tightly.

Have you ever found a random bullet hole in your car or house?

It will be unfortunate if you get in trouble like this. If you have bullet holes in the car, you can cover them with metal sheets, aluminum foil tape, and by calling a mechanic. About the house, you will need to repair the damage accordingly.

7 Best bullet hole repair kits for cars?

Weld-Free Body panel Hole Repair Kit 

Weld-Free Body panel Hole Repair Kit gives the fastest weld-free hole repair method by plugging a 2-inch diameter or smaller. 

ISOPON Body repair kit for holes

SOPON can repair the holes easily up to 3 wide. You will find packets for mixing, primer maestro, spreaders, and protective equipment in the kit.

ISOPON is a new range of automotive body repair solutions offering convenient options for DIY car enthusiasts. 

3-Rain -X windshield repair kit

It helps to see damaged window shields well with little effort. Instead of replacing it at a high cost, you can repair it by using the kit to stop spreading cracks; use it over a dry and clean blemish, and the resins will fill the space. This will work on laminated and other types of windshields. 

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4-3D Bullet Hole Car Stickers 

3D car stickers are for small holes, made of PVC material, and will not crack, fade or peel.

5-Fiberglass repair for bullet holes 

In this kit, you will find fiberglass Resin, a paintbrush, fiberglass clothes, plastic gloves, Grinder, and scissors. Glasses to wear while using a grinder.

 Will you get pulled over if driving a car with bullet holes on it?

First, you have to know that it’s not the responsibility of a cop. The cop is unable to know the cause to pull you over by looking at the holes in your car . 

A cop needs to know the reason or to me, make a reason to pull you over . A cop may think you have purchased this car with holes in a low amount. 

Or your car has been used in a shoot-out in your absence .Many thoughts may come to his mind. Police will not pull you over if there are holes in your car. 

They must know the reason first. The first thought that will hit the mind of the police is maybe this car is involved in severe crimes, so the car has bullet holes. Your car will be suspicious of them.


The article will help to learn how easily you can repair your small bullet hole without welding. The damaged area to clean perfectly how to use different kits. 

Different ways to repair the bullet holes. Some handsome stickers and tapes are available to hide the smaller holes. You just need to concentrate on the ways and implement them whenever you need them.

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