How To Get Blood Out Of Leather Car Seat?

It is simple to take the blood out of a leather car seat. How to get blood out of leather car seat? Some steps need to be followed correctly:

  • Get the solution ready to wash the seas. Add some liquid soap to lukewarm water. Mix it well and make it foamy.
  • Dip a cloth into the solution and gently clean the seats. You will see the blood come out of the leather seat. Keep cleaning until the seat gets neat properly.
  • After it is done, rinse it with water thoroughly to remove any traces left.
  •  Let it air dry for some time.
  • After it is dried, take some leather conditioner and apply it to the seat to regain all the shine.

10 ways to get blood out of leather car seats

There are different ways to remove blood from leather car seats. Everyone of them is very effective and comes within budget. Following are the methods you can use:

Cold salt water

Cold salt water is one of the options that can be used as a blood remover.

  • Add 3 spoons of salt to two cups of cold water. 
  • Mix it well and pour it into the bottle. Spray it on the stained area and put a cloth on it. After a few seconds, remove it gently and wipe it with the rest of the cold water. 
  • Now rinse the seat with water and let it dry completely. Apply the leather shiner to give it a nice look. It is one of the best ways to remove blood.

Dishwashing solution

A dishwashing solution is another option to remove the blood. Take some dishwasher and add to the water. 

Mix it until it becomes foamy. Now dip the cloth and start wiping the blood on the seat. It is better to be gentle to avoid running the seats. After a few strokes, the blood will come off. 

Now wash it with some water and let it dry completely. Take some leather shiner on the cotton pad and gently apply.

Baking soda

Baking soda is also used to remove blood stains from the seats.

  • Mix one cup of baking soda and two cups of water. Mix it well. 
  • Now dip a cloth into the mixture and put the damp cloth on the stained area. Let it set for 20-3- minutes as it will help to remove the blood. 
  • It is better not to wipe the stained area as it can ruin the seat. After removing the stain, rinse it with water and let it dry. The stain will be gone.

Meat tenderizer

Meat tenderizer can also be used as a blood remover. Take some meat tenderizer and mix it with water. Soak a cloth into the mixture and place it on the stained area. 

Do not remove the fabric as it is sucking up all the blood. After some time, remove the cl9th and rinse it with water to clean the remains. 

After it is done, dry the seat and polish it with leather conditioner.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is also used to remove blood stains from the seat. Pour some hydrogen peroxide directly into the stained area and set it for about 45 seconds. 

After it is done, take a dry cloth and wipe the seat. It will need a few strokes, and the stain will be removed. 

It is better to wipe the hydrogen peroxide under one minute as it can also ruin the seat. After it is done, rinse it with water and dry the seat.


Detergent can also be used to remove the stains. Mix some detergent with cold water and make it foamy. Now dampen the cloth with the solution and put it on the seat. 

Let it sit for a couple of minutes and remove it gently. It is better not to wipe it with heavy strokes, or it can ruin the whole seat. 

After it is done, wash the seat with water and dry it completely. Apply leather shiner on the seats to give them a new look.

Cream tartar and lemon mixture

Cream tartar and lemon mixture is another effective way to remove the stains. Use equal parts of both ingredients and mix them thoroughly. 

Apply it with a brush and start rubbing it on the stained area. It will come off after some strokes. Keep wiping it off. Once it is cleaned, rinse it with water and dry it completely.

Damp cloth

A damp cloth can be used as a stain remover. Take a wet cloth and place it on the affected area. Let it sit there for a couple of minutes. 

Remove it gently and wipe off the excess with a fiber cloth neatly. After it is done, rinse it properly with water and apply the leather conditioner at the end.

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is also used to remove different stains. Take some rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad or a fiber cloth. Please put it on the affected area and let it sit for a couple of seconds. 

It will remove all the stains from the seat. Use a damp cloth and wipe off all the excess on a leather seat. 

Rinse it with water and let it air dry completely. Once it is done, apply a leather shiner to give it a final look.

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Will hydrogen peroxide bleach car seats?

It is better not to use concentrated hydrogen peroxide directly on the seats. It will ruin the seats. It is better to dilute hydrogen peroxide. The quantity of water would be double of hydrogen peroxide. Pour it into the spray bottle and spray it on the stained area. 

Let it set for a couple of minutes. It is better not to let it be there for more than 20 minutes; otherwise, it will ruin the car seat. Wipe it off cleanly and rinse it with water. 

Wash it thoroughly to remove the excess and let it dry completely. If your car has leather seats, apply the leather conditioner at the end.

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How to get blood out of tan car seats?

The best way to remove blood from tan car seats is to use hydrogen peroxide. Less concentrated hydrogen peroxide is better as it can sometimes ruin the seats. 

Apply some to the stained area directly and keep it there for 30 seconds. It is better not to keep it for a longer time as it can decolorize the seat. 

Once it is done, use a towel and wipe it off gently. Rinse it with cold water and dry it.

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How to remove dried blood stains?

If dried blood stains are on a surface, scrape them off with some sharp object. Another way to remove blood stains is to use hydrogen peroxide. 

Apply some on the stained area directly, and let it set for some minutes. The hydrogen peroxide will take out all the blood. After it is done, remove it gently with a towel. 

Rub it gently with a wet cloth, and it is done. Some other methods like saltwater, lemon, and soda mixture can also be used to remove dried blood stains.

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How to remove dried blood stains from upholstery?

Mix some dishwashing soap with water and make it foamy. Apply it to the stain and rub it gently. Rub it until it disappears. 

It will take a few strokes, but it will be removed. Use a damp cloth to wipe the solution and wash it with cold water. Try to clean it two-three times to remove the stain properly. 

Let it air dry. This solution can also clean rugs, bedsheets, curtains, etc.

5 Best car upholstery cleaners

Following are the best car upholstery cleaners:

  CarGuys super car upholstery cleaners

CarGuys super car upholstery cleaners are one of the best cleaners. It can work on any material, like leather, plastic, or fabric. It works best for the car interior. 

It does not leave any stains behind, is not harsh on your car, removes the tough stains and does not ruin your car’s interior. 

It is better not to use it on clear or short plastic and glass. It can affect them.

Chemical Guys HOL315 

Chemical Guys HOL315 is also a good car upholstery cleaner. It is very useful as it has an attached scrub brush, making it easier to clean the stains. 

It has stain removal spray, which makes it convenient. This cleaner is helpful in deep cleaning. It does not leave any color behind and removes the old stains. It is more useful for the fabric than the interior of the car.

Aero Cosmetics

Aero Cosmetics is also another good brand for cleaning. It works on all kinds of car upholstery; it is safe to use anywhere inside the car as it does not damage. 

Using a wet towel to remove the stains wherever you want is better. This works the best. It is also helpful in cleaning carpets, mats, rugs, etc. this cleaner is good for deep cleaning as it has a strong formula.

Turtle wax power out

Turtle wax power out is another good cleaner. It comes with a brush which is very convenient to use. It removes the stains and the odor rapidly. 

It has a strong power to remove all the colors and dirt. It is rigid, so it is better to use it on rugs or carpets. It cannot be used on a leather surface or any other fabric, as it can ruin the surface.

The blue coral 2-pack

The blue coral 2-pack cleaner is also one of the good cleaners. It removes all the food stains and bad odors. 

It is used on rough surfaces like curtains, seats, carpets, mats etc. it is better not to use it in a soft fabric as it can cause damage. 

It is tough. That’s why it cleans all kinds of stains from a car and all other rigid stuff.

Armor, all fabric and carpet cleaner

Armor, all fabric and carpet cleaner is also a very good cleaner. It is used to clean both the carpets and the other fabric as well. 

The quality of cleaning cloth would be different as it requires less. It is also very strong, and it removes the stains very neatly. It does not leave a bad odor and makes your fabric look new. 

It does not come with a scrubbing brush, so you need to clean it with a brush or some towel to remove all the stains.

FAQs: how to get blood out of a leather car seat

Does blood soak into car seat leather?

Leather cannot soak blood into the car seats. It can absorb on the upper surface, but there is no issue. That can be cleaned properly by using different cleaning methods. 
There are mixtures like detergent mixture, lemon and soda, dishwashing soap mixture, cold salt water mixture and many others that can be used to remove the blood from car seats very neatly without harming it.

Does blood stain car seats’ leather?

Blood can stain leather car seats, but it does not mean they cannot be cleaned. There are different methods through which it can be cleaned neatly. It also depends on the color of the leather and the quality. But different cleaning mixtures and soaps are available to clean it.


You learned how to clean blood from leather seats in the above mentioned article. There are different methods we have talked about in the report. 

These all are very economical and can be made at home. There is no need to worry. Besides, one of the best cleaners is mentioned above if you don’t want to make a cleaning solution at home. 

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