How To Get Real Cars In GTA 5 PS4?

How to get real cars in GTA 5 PS4?

  • First, you will install some software 
  •  In a mod menu of Script HookV, it will install updated cars in our game 
  • Install the file, Open 4
  • You may need some credit or discount to install cars; open the script hook v file. 
  • You must have the Native Trainer .asi folder. 
  • Install dinput8.dII, copy these folders and paste them into the GTA5 directory 
  • PasteMenu.asi folder in GTA5 directory 
  • You have installed menus and Script hook. After this, open your file OPEN 4 and drag it into the GTA5 folder. Now open asi.manager . You will get three files here. You will install these files. 
  • Now you can directly go to GTA5 and can start modding.
  • To Install the car with a name, go to the game.confi.xml and install this software.

How do you add cars to GTA 5 PS4?

  • To add cars in GTA5, first, you must go to: Latest GTA 5 Mods – Ps4 
  • For the car you like, type the name in the search bar like 2021
  • As you will click, all the cars of the 2021 model will come out in your game.
  • You will get a range of new cars for 2021; click on any car and go to the GTA5 main directory. 
  • Go to right, and click here; you must have a mod folder, too. Make a new folder with the name MODS, and Download the file OPEN IV. As you will open it, you will go to asi.manager 
  • Here you will see three files installed. You have created a mod folder in the GTA5 main directory.
  • Update your mods folder by updating dot  RPF; click on common data here to see all data there. From find a car you like, add it to your game, Download the car and save it.

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How do you get a real police car in GTA 5?

  • First, you need to know your GTA5 main directory; it may be in the stream Library.
  • As you have your mod folders. Install OPEN IV. As you will open it, you will see the mod folders in the GTA5 main directory. 
  • Go to ASI. Manager, install all the files you see here. Click on edit mode here. As your mod folder is empty, so go to the update folder. 
  • Click X64click DLC packs. Go to the latest patch day. Click here. It will show you the mods folder. 
  • Drag all of your files into the Mod folder. Download and install a vehicle you want to.Go to the mod folder and update X64DLC Packs. Download a police car from there 

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Are there any real-life cars in GTA 5?

Yes, there are several cars worldwide; the list is given below. These are real. GTA5 has the same cars in-game. 

Some Mercedes -Benz Vehicles in GTAV under the guise of Benefactor. Schwartzer in GTA5 is based on Mercedes Benz. 

Nissan GT-R is under the guise of Elegy RH-8 available to GTAplayer for free.

Ford Mustang GT is under the guise of The Dominator in GTA5

Aston Martin DB5  is under the guise of  Dewbauchee JB 700 in GTA 5 considered a Sports Classic 

Ubermacht Zion is a BMW M6 in the GTA 5 game .

Coquette is the most wanted car in the GTA5 game. It is one of the best vehicles in GTA 5. Coquette is a copy of the Chevrolet Corvette.

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Can you get a GTA real-life mod for PS4? 

 Several mods are there in GTAV  for real-life cars. You will download and install them all. Install them from GTAV Vehicle Mods, and the other way is you can get a Mega Realistic Car Pack By Mod Collection. 

In GTA 5, you will download cars whatever you want after applying this process. If you will replace the car in GTA and you can add a car whatever option you want to select. 

If you select a car pack link, it is an auto-installer; it will help you know how to do all steps. It will explain everything as you will click the link.

How do I get mods for GTA V for a PS4? 

You have to be clear that there is no free version of this game available, you will purchase the game, and then you can play and use it.

GTA V mode menu needs to download by following the given below steps :

  • First, close the menu with a button of a circle shape.
  • Save all Menu Mod files on your PC.
  • Download 7 Zip . Seven Zip will help you to extract the files.
  • Replace all the Mod Menu files on your USB drive.
  • Insert the USB with the files that are alerted. GTA V Mods for PS4 are there. You will download it free. 
  • Install all Mod files into your PC.
  • Open ‘GTA V online Mod Menu xBOX + PS4 ‘. It is a zip folder that you have downloaded.
  • Use win RAR and extract the RAR  files.\Copy extracted files to your USB stick.
  • Insert USB into your PC.

How to get real cars in GTA 5 PS4 offline

It is not possible to get real cars in GTA 5 PS4 offline. You will buy cars online by using the internet. You will buy cars or get cars by taking access from your phone or laptop with an internet facility. 

The only possibility is to purchase cars in the game through the internet. If you are an expert in the game, you will better know how to buy cars at a discount after some practice in-game. It will need regular practice to play the GTAv game. 

How to get real cars in GTA 5 XBOX?

Follow the steps to get any vehicle in GTA V XBOX.

Use any character, and go towards a garage. Select any vehicle, Press the right button on the d-pad, and now select vehicle. As your will load up in GTAv, bring it to Los Santos Customs. Use any parts of your car on an adder. 

Now you want to put anything in your car you can .like wheels, tires, anything. After Modding your car drive towards your character house. Save the car in the character’s Home garage, take your mobile phone and save it as a USB stick or Hard drive. 

Start your PC, transfer your save on USB flash on form XBOX60, and download and install 3 files. The open device of GTA V saves. Create a backup. Paste your file on the Desktop. Open GTA V car hashes; from here, find the parts you used to modify your car to change your added adder.

How to get real cars in GTA 5 PS5?

For this, you will install some software. 

  • Download and install the Mod menu. Script Hook V, OPEn IV, Go to GTA directory,thne go to GTA V paste all folders here that you want to, Now open OPEN IV, Click ASI. 
  • Managers from here install all these three to get vehicles to go to GTAV Mods.Com.Getting an ADD-ON means adding a vehicle or replacing it. 
  • Go to replace option. It is easier. Download a car . 
  • You will open the WinRAR file. Select Replace option from here. Follow the instruction that you will see here.

How to get name-brand cars in GTA 5 PS4?

You will place an order for rare cars, take your car from your Garage to Los Santos Customs for fresh paint, nice wheels, and an updated Engine. 

You can modify your car to bring a fresh change in care in any way. You can do this. You can buy expensive cars even if you manage your stock correctly. You will spend some money on your car as an investment.

How to get real cars in GTA 5 PC?

To get real cars in GTA V PC, follow the steps below carefully. 

  • You will download some files first.
  • Download Open IV, 
  • Install the Mods
  • Install Script Hook V 
  • Native Trainer 
  • Move to GTAv Files, and for Mod files, make a new folder as Mod Folder. 
  • Copy the folder as the update name in the game files and paste in Mods Folder. 
  • To start the process, the following programs must be downloaded: OpenIV, the mod that must be installed, script hook V and enhanced native trainer. 

GTA 5 car pack

GTA Car Pack includes several awesome cars and updated vehicles; these are modded cars. GTA V Add-On CarPack is with modern vehicles. 

GTA V car pack can be installed. GTA V replaces car mods including real-life cars. These are expensive story mode cars. GTA V Car-Pack is the best choice for all. 

You can download them .2022. While playing the game, you will enjoy it in real life and install the best mods for your game available on websites for the GTAv game . 


This article is interesting as it covers the theme of having expensive and luxurious cars just by following some steps and downloading a few mods, installing some files, and software that will help to get the most wanted in our game. 

The other important thing is we can add the cars as well we can replace the cars, both options are available. 

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