How To Get Something Out Of The Seat Belt Hole?

All cars have seat belts; while driving and using eatables or anything may get stuck in your seat belt hole, especially when you are driving with family. 

How to get something out of the seat belt hole?

  1. Turn your seat belt buckle upside down 
  2. Take a thin needle-like metal or a pointed hairpin 
  3. Insert the pin or metal needle inside the hole.
  4. You can use a butter knife; keep wiggling the buckle while using a knife or pointed metal pin.
  5. It will take out the stuck object from the buckle hole.

How can I retrieve an earring I dropped in the car?

Sometimes while going on long drives, female drivers or passengers may drop their expensive earrings. 

It seems difficult to find it. You need to unbolt the seat and move it backward. When you move the seat backward, it will move to the back seat. 

In this way, you will not go to take your seat out of the car. Then you will pull up the plastic clips from your finger, they will snap off.  you can easily retrieve an earring. Using a car inside light while searching for earring will make the process easy.

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How to remove a coin from a seat belt?

If a coin is stuck in your seat belt buckle first, you need to open the buckle that is sealed and it is not easy to open it . With the help of a screwdriver, you can do it .There is a plastic piece, and you will pull up this plastic piece. 

Take a rubber mallet and hit it over the screw to separate the plastic piece. As it will be separated, you will find it open now, and you can easily remove the coin from the seat belt’s buckle. 

Sometimes objects get stuck in between the spring of the buckle. With a pointed metal knife or tool, you can take it out.

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Why do some seatbelts have two holes in the metal latch plate, and some only one?

Every car has some new and different features, especially the new models that are updated with new designs and systems to increase security purposes. That is the reason the metal latch plate has two holes. 

And different companies are designing their metal latches in different designs. Sometimes, seat belts need to be more secure with the kid’s seats. 

It was considered safer; sometimes, you have more weight near the door side and may open the door to avoid sudden opening. Passengers with this seat belt feel safer.

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How do I retrieve an earring that fell in the hole where the seat is attached?

If your earring is dropped in the hole of a seat belt buckle. You will need to open the buckle. Remove the plastic covering first. Use a screwdriver to pull up[ the plastic cover . You will separate the sealed parts of the buckle as it will open after some effort . 

You will find the earring may be stuck between the spring of the buckle or beside the springs just stuck. Take it out with the help of a metal knife or pointed metal pin /tool.

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How to get glass out of the seat belt buckle?

Sometimes accidentally, small pieces of glass may drop into your seat belt buckle; first, try to throw it out by using consistent lithium grease, spray the liquid into the hole after a few seconds, and turn your buckle upside down; if the pieces are small, they will slip out from the hole.

If the glass has been stuck in between the spring of the seat belt buckle, then you have to separate the sealing buckle. 

Remove the plastic areas from the buckle with the help of a screwdriver, use a metal butter knife and take out the piece of glass from the buckle hole easily. 

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How to get something that fell between car seat?

This mostly happens with the parents, as they are busy driving and their child drops something between the seat gaps that are too hard to take out the objects between them. 

So you will need a tool called a four prong grabber. When you push at the bottom, these four prongs will come out; when you release this, the prongs will come out, and you can easily grab the object between the gaps.

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Airpod fell in the seat belt hole. How to get them back?

First, you will turn the buckle upside down and shake it well. Maybe it will come out if not stuck. With the help of a metal knife, you can wiggle it . 

It may help to get out of the Air pod . The last option is to open the sealed belt buckle. It will need a screwdriver and some tricks to separate the buckle parts. 

As it opens, you can see where the air pod is stuck. Now you can take it out with the help of a metal knife.


 This article is about seat belts and seat belt buckle holes. While driving, we mostly take snacks or other eatables, especially kids, and unintentionally drop objects in the buckle holes. In this way, the seat belt will get stuck or will not respond. 

Different ways have been mentioned here to help out. How can you recover the buckle easily? What should you do if expensive objects may fall between the seat gaps? Different tools have been mentioned, and the method. 

Implement the method and make your traveling easy. Sometimes nothing is stuck in the buckle hole when you are more careful in this matter; even then, you can face problems. 

You need not worry just dust is the reason; you can use good quality lubricant; it will help to recover your stuck or jam seat buckle again. 

Just spray a little amount of lubricant into the hole. After a few seconds, insert the seat latch into the hole, and you will see it’s working again.

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