How To Make A Small Engine For A Toy Car?

How to make a small engine for a toy car?

  • One way is to buy a toy engine kit from special toy shops, or you can order online.
  • The second option is to make your own engine using different technical sources.

Making Of Moving Toy Car At Home

Things You’ll Need

  • Small matchbox
  • Two small magnets
  • Duct tape
  • Two drinking straws
  • Scissors
  • Toothpicks 
  • Compass
  • Dough

Building a toy car is not so complicated. Two types of toy cars you can make at home. Electric car and magnet car or homemade toy car. 

You will need batteries, electrical and mechanical skills, and sources for the electric car. Homemade cars are easy for kids and family members to build at home. 

It will give a healthy activity for kids to learn and enjoy with family.


  • Take two empty matchboxes.
  • Attach a small magnet inside the matchbox with sticky tape.
  • Take two drinking straws and measure them as equal to the width of the matchbox.
  • Attach the measured piece of straw at the opposite end of a matchbox.
  • With the help of a compass, draw 4 inches of circles on a cardboard piece. 
  • Make small holes at the center of the circles with a compass needle.

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Would it be possible to put an engine in an electric toy car and connect it to an axle?

Yes, it is possible to put an engine in an electric toy car and connect it to an axle. However you will need these tools and below mentioned procedure to perform.

Tools you need

  • A plastic board for car chassis
  • Four wheels
  • Four tire rings
  • Battery
  • Battery holder
  • Electric motor
  • Motor mount
  • Transmission pulley
  • Rubber bands
  • Paper clips
  • Screws
  • Straw


  1. Take a plastic board for the car chassis
  2. Take drinking straws and cut them into four equal pieces.
  3.  Prepare axles by drawing two lines and marking two points 6 mm away from all four sides.
  4. Insert an eye screw on the points as a holder for the axles.
  5. The alignment of axles must be straight and spin them freely. Use the four-piece of straws and place them between the wheel and chassis.
  6. Attach wheels on all four sides. The back wheel must connect a gear or a pulley to make it spin according to the motor.
  7. Use a paperclip as a switch, and fix it on the plastic base.
  8. Fix the motor with a mount on a plastic base, and attach one wire with the paper clip and the other with the battery.
  9. Attach one end of the rubber band from the motor and another end of the rubber band to the rear wheel gear. Move the switch (paper clip) to turn on/ start the toy car.

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Making a toy car using DC motor (12 volt)

There is a project to make homemade cars for kids within minutes. 

Things required 

  • DC motor
  • AA batteries(new)
  • AA battery holder
  • Switch
  • Straws
  • 2 plastic pulley
  • Rubber band
  • Wooden dowels/skewers
  • 4 Bottle caps

Tools needed:

  • Knife or Razor blade
  • Super glue or hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Wire strippers
  • Tin snips
  • Drilling machine

Step 1- Measurement of carton  

Take the carton and do the measurement ( 3 inches ) for the top base and bottom base of the car. Cut the measured pieces of carton.

Step 2- Cut the carton bottom. 

Attach the straw with each  piece of carton, leave 1 inch of straw free from four ends of carton pieces to attach the wheels/bottle caps 

Step 3-Add straws

Use glue to attach the straws. Cut a section of straw 1 inch from the middle of the back straw.

Step 4 – Fixing of pulleys 

  • Take two pulleys, one pulley of an inch and another one of ½ inches.
  • Attach a small pulley ½ inches with the motor shaft and a large pulley 1 inch to the side where you apply a cut-on carton piece.
  • Pass wooden dowels through the large pulley of 1 inches.

Step 5- Fixing of axle 

  • Attach a rubber band at one end of the straw.
  • Attach the carton and larger pulley with a wooden Dowler. Use glue to stick the things. 

Step 6- drilling of bottle cap 

  • Take four bottle caps and make tiny holes in the caps.
  • Use a small drilling machine to make tiny holes.

Step 7 – Connecting the wheels 

Apply glue to attach the wheels to the straws. 

Step 8- Cut out the pulley notching. 

  • Cut a small portion of the carton to fix twitch the small pulley 

Step 9 – Battery Holder 

Fix the battery holder on top of the carton piece by using glue. 

Step 10- Attach DC Motor 

Attach the pulley with the motor shaft and place the DC motor at the notched side of the pulley.

Step 11- Wiring and switch 

Connect the red wire with one end of the DC motor and the black wire with another end of the DC motor.

Step 12- Adding Battery 

Put the battery into the battery holder and turn on the switch. Your car is moving smartly.

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How to make a Mini Engine out of household items?

You will need the  following material to make a small engine at home: 

  • One-inch thermocol  sheet 
  • 2x AA batteries
  •  A holder to carry the batteries 
  • Small switch 
  • Water bottle cap 
  • Glue gum 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue Gun 
  • Cutter 
  • Tape 
  • Ice-cream sticks 
  • Method 


  • Take thermocol sheet of one-inch width 
  • Draw a rectangular shape on a sheet 
  • Cut the piece of sheet nearly about your palm length.
  • Cut the sheet from the front side to give a shape of the boat as per your choice, triangular, oval, or pointed.
  • Take a water bottle cap, and make six cuts with a sharp cutter.
  • Take three ice cream sticks and cut each stick piece into two pieces.
  • Cover each stick with tape to make it waterproof.
  • Attach the six pieces of ice cream sticks with the water bottle cap.
  • Apply glue at the center of the cap and attach the sticks.
  • Cut at the end of the thermocol sheet.
  • Attach the propeller here. Connect the DC motor with the propeller.
  • Take the battery and attach it to the top side of the thermocol sheet.
  • Place batteries on the holder and apply glue to stick the holder on the sheet.
  • Attach a small switch on the sheet.
  • Connect the wires of the battery and DC motor with the switch.
  • It will work like an engine to float the boat in the water. 
  • The Source of the engine is the battery that provides energy to the boat to move in the water.

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The article is about Toy cars for kids. The procedure of making toy cars. There are a few types of toy cars, like electric cars, homemade toy cars, and remote control toy cars. 

Few methods have been shared to build the engines of toy cars. Method to make electric toy cars and motor toy cars.

Material for electric cars is different from homemade toy cars and toy cars with engines.

In schools, different projects are given to the students as science projects to build engines for toy cars and electric cars. 

Kids have made different styles of cars with parents’ and teachers’ help. We can copy the method as well. A few mechanical and technical skills are required to make toy cars.

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