How To Not Scrape A Lowered Car?

Technically it is easy and possible to take your car safely over speed bumps and any obstacles on the road.

How to not scrape a lowered car? 

  1. Lowered cars have a very low height from the front side, and they get Scarpe while passing over speed bumps and obstacles because you don’t take an angle and drive your car in a curve.
  2. If you drive straight, your car will crunch the nose of the car.
  3. Take a little curve and move slowly while crossing a speed bump or an obstacle.
  4. Bring your lowered car down at low speed.
  5. Curb cramps can help you as they will be a source of the bridge.
  6. You can make your own race ramps with wood.
  7. Race ramps are available in the market as per your choice and car need. 
  8. Be careful when crossing slopes and inclined paths as car tires are very near the ground, and the front side of the bumper and oil pan may get damaged due to the height of the road or path.
  9. Avoid uneven paths .Driving on uneven is a big source of car scratches in lowered cars.

3 things to avoid when scraping a lowered car

You should avoid a few things to avoid scraping a lowered car :

Don’t hit Curbs while parking in your street. Use your car’s back camera to avoid hitting curbs. 

Have a look while passing over inclines and slopes.

If you drive your car in a straight direction while passing over slopes and inclines, you will damage your car bumper and front lower side. Approach an angled turn while passing over slopes and inclines. Slow down your speed to avoid scraping.

Speed bumps are at low heights, and your driving techniques must be very vigilant to weigh. For a higher-speed bump, your turn must be sharp.

It doesn’t matter what kind of obstacle you are facing; always take a smart angle with measured speed to avoid any damage.

Not to drive over uneven paths or roads as these roads will damage your lowered car. Driving over uneven paths despite your techniques of angled approach and slow speed won’t help you.

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What are the best driveway ramps for a lowered car?

Sometimes you purchase an awesome lowered car and love to drive it. As you will notice when you take it out of the garage, your driveway is a big problem. 

Because your car’s front bumper gets scratched due to a little height speed bumper, you can purchase race ramps that are easy to arrange and display to move out your lowered car.

Race ramps are best for lowered cars and are available in the market. Other ramps made of rubber are good and comfortable for drivers to carry.

People are making their own ramps by using wood. Other ramps are available made of rubber having curves, letting your car move smoothly without damage. 

While purchasing and making ramps, always consider the following: Size, Brand, features, Design, price, reliability, warranties. 

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Do lowered cars scrape?

Yes lower and slammed cars scrape, if not handled smartly and technically because tires are very near to the ground so while driving over uneven paths, you will damage your car.

Lowered cars are too good at driving and handling; the problem is for new users as they will face steep driveways while driving. 

This may cause smashed oil pans and crushed bumpers. To avoid damage, you must take smart angles with slow, measured speed while passing over slopes, speed bumpers, and inclined ways. 

While driving over slopes and obstacles, new users damage the front side of bumpers and other scratches on the car.

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Do slammed cars scrape?

Lowered or slammed cars are designed in a way that their front bumper, lips, and nose of the car rub over the slopes and speed bumpers. 

The reason is the tires are adjusted just an inch of distance from above the ground, and few cars are more than that. 

So you need to be careful, learn some skills to keep your car safe from scratches and buy car ramps for your car’s comfort and safety.

How to drive a lowered car over speed bumps?

Lowered cars have stiff springs, and less weight is needed when you hit the gas or brake hard . You will enjoy the fast speed of driving and quick stop.

The problem is when you are driving over speed bumpers. Your car gets rubbed badly over bumpers and is mostly damaged as per your car’s speed. 

If you are a new user, buy car ramps, as it will take time to use smart angles while moving cars over speed bumpers. 

While driving over speed bumpers, always slow down your car’s speed and do not drive in a straight line; with slow speed and an approach angle, move the car smartly. 

This angle curve will help car tires move so that your car’s front portion near the path will not touch the path or road. 


This article is about Lowered cars, with every advanced technology, we face many benefits and some problems too. But if we smartly handle the problems, they will not remain a problem. Just need a pretty solution always. 

So these cars are not complicated to handle. You just have to measure your car tires’ height from the road and do mathematics in your mind that you will damage your car at high speed as the tires are very close to the path. 

The speed bumps and slopes that are with raised height will damage your car. So always take an angle while moving over speed bumpers and slow down your car speed. 

Hopefully you will learn to drive your car with smart angles and calculated speed as per the height of the obstacle. Your calculated and timely taken action will avoid scratches over your car.

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