How To Remove Engine From Car Without Hoist?

How to remove engine from car without hoist?

  1. Park your car on a level surface 
  2. Disconnect all the accessories of the engine 
  3. Disable the battery, and remove the battery cable.
  4. Disconnect all wiring harnesses from the car.
  5. Use the fuel line removal tool to remove the fuel line from the injector.
  6. Disconnect the power steering lines and radiator with a socket wrench.
  7. To raise the car, use a jack, and put a stand under the chassis, so it may not fall over you.
  8. Remove mounting bolts and brake lines.
  9. Nothing should be connected to the engine.
  10. In the end, drag out the engine from the car.


How to lift an engine without a hoist?

The smart engines are not heavy. They can be removed with little effort, but the engines that are difficult to remove will need a jack under the car to remove the engine. Raise your car high with the help of a stand under the car and fix it as per your need.

We can use Floor Jack to lift the engine.

Set the level surface first 

  1. Before you adjust the jack floor, make sure to locate the safe lift points. These are the sturdiest part of the vehicle’s chassis.
  2. After understanding the safe lift points, place the jack under it. 
  3. The next step is to pump the adjustment arm, so the main plate reaches the car.
  4. Keep pumping till the car reaches the required height.

What are the different ways to remove the engine?

Three are three ways to remove the engine of a car:

  1. By using different Jacks as per car height and requirement 
  2. Remove the engine With the Hoist
  3. Remove the engine without a Hoist 

By using different Jacks as per car height and requirement 

Types of Jacks: Scissor Jack, Hydraulic Jack, High Lift Jack, Floor Jack, Car Jack stands.

The purpose of all these jacks are to lift up the vehicle as per the need. 

Car Jack stands are slightly different when you need to work for a long time. You will use these jacks, Or when you want to display a vehicle without tires, you may use them to raise the height of the level to a certain point. 

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A floor jack is easy to manage. 

Scissor Jacks are old in style, mostly placed in garages and mechanic shops.

Use Of Jacks: Place the jack under the car at the settled point. 

Raise the car’s height by using the jack’s handle or pumping it to raise the height in the case of the floor jack. Disconnect all the accessories from the dual VVT-I engine. Remove the engine when all is done.

Remove the Engine with the Hoist 

Adjust the Jack stand under the car chassis at the settled point, so it may not fall down over you.

Remove all the items connected to the engine, mounting bolts, radiator, wires, accessories. 

Remove the exhaust system at the end. Now connect the chains from the Hoist to the engine Block. Remove the engine now.

Remove the Engine without a Hoist 

In this method, you will not use the Hoist. You will use jacks to lift up the cars. First, know the need of the Jack as per your car demand. 

The required height you need to remove the engine. The engines that are not too heavy are capable of removing without Hoist. 

Place the car in park and on a level surface. Disable all the functions that are attached to the engine one by one; You will use a wrench, screwdrivers, and other tools to remove the connected items. 

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What tools are needed to remove the engine?

Tools needed to remove the engine: 

  1. Ratchet Set 
  2. Socket Set 
  3. Set of wrenches 
  4. Breaker Bar 
  5. Screwdriver Set 
  6. Torque wrench 
  7. Pullers 
  8. Rubber Mallet
  9. Sledge Hammer 
  10. Engine Lift 
  11. Pliers 
  12. Floor Jack, Jack Stand 

Can you move an engine with a dolly?

It is a tool to carry heavy engines and to move them easily from one place to another. Different types of Dolly are available in the market to hold the engines easily. 

The heavy-duty Dolly is available with the proper attachment for the dual VVT-I engine. Anyone can easily place the engine and be able to move it. 

Gentle V design gives self-centering stability. 

It helps you to move the engine even under a Workbench easily.

There are other companies that sell the engine in the markets.

How to remove a car engine in 5 seconds?

If you want to remove the engine quickly. You will need a special Jack, a mechanical Jack that can lift the car to an extreme height so you may remove the engine not from the front side but under the vehicle plates on the bottom side; it takes just 5 seconds to remove the engine. 

Just you need to disconnect the computer wire and bolts. You can easily take out the engine from the bottom side of the car.

How to remove an engine with a hoist??

Settle the tools in a proper place to manage the process. At the rear of the engine, connect the heavy-duty chain. At the front spot of the engine, attach the other end of the chain, opposite to the rear bolts. 

You may use an X pattern to stop further movement while removing the engine. Connect the Hoist to the weight of the engine with a chain hook. Jack the engine and send it to the required height to remove the engine. 

How to remove an engine from the bottom?

Removing the engine from the bottom is possible in mechanic shops as they have a special Heavy Jack. Over the jack, the car will be placed. 

And a mechanic can easily take out the dual VVT-I engine from the bottom. He will disable the computer wires from the engine. He will remove the Bolts and will easily remove the engine.


To remove complicated, heaviest engines, you must need a proper mechanical Jack system that can remove the engine from the bottom. It is the easiest way and time saving procedure . In Mechanic shops, the special Jack is available . With the help of special Jacks, you can remove engines within five seconds. 

I hope you liked our guide on how to remove engine from car without hoist.

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