How To Remove Stripped Battery Bolt?

Stripped nuts and bolts can be tricky. But don’t worry. There are many tricks to deal with them! Try one of these tips to remove a broken nut from your car battery.

How to remove stripped battery bolt?

  • Use pliers to rock the nut back and forth and loosen. This should help him get out of it more easily.
  • Cut the nut with a hacksaw. Be careful not to touch the battery when using this option! You can adjust the size and grip of the socket by purchasing a bolt removal tool such as the go2 socket. 
  • Remove with a bolt or screw extractor.

How do you get a stripped nut off a bolt?

Penetrant Penetrants

Such as, the PB Blaster is designed to break down rust and other dirt holding nuts and bolts. Spraying and soaking the rusted area with a penetrant can break the adhesive and lubricate the screw.

Screw in and loosen

If you can move the screw slightly before it loosens, try screwing it back in. After a few repetitions, the bolt may loosen completely. A more porous liquid is your friend.

Locking Pliers 

Locking pliers like the Vise Grip are an excellent option everyone should have in their garage. If you can put enough pressure on the screw, the teeth may provide enough grip to turn it.

Extractor Socket Set

Not everyone has this, but there is a socket specifically designed to give a better grip on stripped screws called an extractor socket. It may work, but it may not work.

Small Socket

In some cases, the screw is rounded enough that you can use a hammer to fit it into a slightly smaller socket or socket. Hitting it with a hammer will give it more grip and hopefully pull the bolt out.


Apply with a torch – finally, ignite. – Apply heat to the bolt. Expansion and contraction of the metal may loosen the bolt and cause it to rotate.

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What kind of tool can I use to remove a stripped bolt?

You may or may not need these tools. It’s all listed in Screw removal tips and options.

Tool List

  • PB Blaster or other Liquid Penetration
  • Locking Pliers
  • Regular Socket Set
  • Socket Set
  • Blow Torch

Screw Extractor Kit All within reach for a convenient dandy kid or four-legged Save valuable time waiting for a helper to bring you sandpaper or a blow torch.

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The car won’t start, the battery’s corroded, and the bolts are stripped. Does anyone have any idea on how to get this out/replaced?

  • If your car doesn’t start, do not cut anything. 
  • Clean the bolts and replace nuts if necessary. Cutting the clamp will cause significant problems later. So don’t cut them off.
  • Ask an experienced friend or take it to a shop if you’re afraid of failing.
  • We recommend hitting these points gently with a wrench or light heavy metal. They will loosen up a bit, and the rust will start to fall off. 
  • Also, use a lubricant such as oil to loosen it. After removing, rub with sandpaper.

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How to loosen a bolt on a car battery?

Use a wrench or pliers.

First, remove as much corrosion as possible. To do this, pour a mixture of baking soda and water on the stuck battery post and scrub the corrosion off with a wire brush. Battery Cleaner Spray can also be used to remove corrosion.

Depending on the type of terminals on the battery, it may be necessary to hold the bolt head with a wrench while using another wrench to loosen the connector nut.

Be sure to turn the wrench in the correct direction. You may be tightening the screws rather than loosening them.

Apply a penetrating oil such as PB-Blaster

You can also apply a penetrating oil like PB-blaster. Spray the terminals that are sticking, then try loosening the battery terminals. If it comes off, so be it.

Using the Battery Post Puller

The Battery Post Puller can also be used to remove a stuck battery post without damaging the battery post.

How to remove the bolt on the battery terminal?

Use a wrench to disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery. The negative wire is black with a “-” stamped near the terminal hole. Remove the battery-positive line in the same way.

Grasp the side where the battery cable wraps around the terminal screw. Bend one side with your thumb and press on the end of the screw to “move” it away from the cable end. Use pliers to hold one side and bend the other with your fingers if necessary. The hard rubber ends of the cable will turn with some effort.

Grasp the end of the battery cable with your fingers. Insert the threaded side of the new screw into the battery cable at an angle so that one side of the ring nut fits into the groove on the end of the cable

The groove is similar to putting a bicycle rim into a tire. Bend and manipulate the end of the cable as needed until the ring of the bolt enters the groove, and the bolt rotates freely with your finger.

Reconnect the battery cable to the battery. Start with the positive line first. Use a wrench to tighten the battery screw on the battery.

Why do you not over-tightening the cable bolts in the side terminal of batteries?

A loose battery cable connection is one of the most common reasons for intermittent performance issues on a battery-powered. 

Ironically, loose connections can be caused by over-tightening or over-tightening battery post connections and corrosion that can occur over time. 

Deep cycle battery terminals are made of lead, a soft metal that creeps over time. As a result, they must be tightened regularly to maintain the correct torque level. 

However, applying excessive torque when attaching the cable to the battery terminals can damage the cable terminals and prevent proper connection. 

Battery manufacturers recommend different clamp torque specifications depending on the type of clamp used for deep cycle batteries.

Side terminal battery bolt replacement

Use an open-end wrench to remove the broken screw from the battery. Slide the battery off and disconnect it from the wires to get the bare battery connector and car wiring ready.

Scrub the battery post with a wire brush. When handling the positive battery terminal, be careful not to touch the surrounding metal while scrubbing, work only with the hands of the terminal itself, then use an open-end wrench on the battery terminal.

Insert the replacement side post terminal into the ring terminal at the end of the wire and screw it into the battery terminal first by hand and then with a wrench.

Summary: How to remove stripped battery bolt?

Stripped nuts and bolts can be tricky. But don’t worry. There are many tricks to deal with them! We have mentioned different ways and tips through which you can easily remove or loosen stripped battery bolts. 

A loose battery cable connection is one of the most common reasons for intermittent performance issues on a battery-powered. 

Hope this article guided you well according to all the queries you were concerned about.

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