How To Save Cars In GTA 5?

Here are the two best ways to save your cars in GTA 5.

First Method 

  • Install and download soft wares 
  • Install Mods 
  • Step by step, follow the given methods below 

The second method is  simple :

Turn Autosave off.

Save all cars in Home Garage or in the storage Garage. If you have lost your car, reload the game and save it.

How do I permanently save a car in GTA 5?

  • To permanently save the cars in GTA 5, you must install Script Hook 5  and download it . 
  • Secondly, install Script Hook V Dot Net and download it.
  • Thirdly Download Native UL  
  • The fourth File is Persistence Mod. Download this file too. 
  • Here select Szabo’s persistence Mod and download 
  • Now download the LUA plugin for script Hook V.
  • You will save all files in Zip Folder / in a zip folder with the hashtag  
  • You have a download folder on the left, and on the right, you have GTA 5 leading Directory.
  • Now you will open the LUA file, copy the LUA.asi file, and paste it into the leading directory of GTA 5
  • Open the second folder of scripts, copy it, and paste it into a GTA 5 leading Directory folder.
  • Go Back and open persistence MOD .You will see a file here. Copy it and paste it to add in the folder .Create a new folder in the GTA5 leading directory to make a backup folder. Paste the last copied file in the backup folder, .copy its path, and go to the add-in folder. The final step is editing. Doing necessary editing and changing will save your cars forever. 

Where can I store vehicles in GTA 5?

Garages are the primary source to save the cars in GTA 5.

People use Garages; you must purchase Garages to save your purchased and stolen cars. 

If you want to save,  park your car in Home Garage or Storage Garage.

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In GTA V story mode, how can I steal a car and own it (so that if I lose it, I can find it again)?

Car theft Auto is a place where you can steal a car.

Follow the steps to steal the car at this place:

  1. Search for a car
  2. With the help of the map, you will see where cars are parked.
  3. Select a car you want to steal.
  4. Carefully watch the area free from cops, or wait for some time as they leave the place. Otherwise, they will follow you and shoot you.
  5. To steal a car, you will press Y(Xbox), Triangle PlayStation, or F (PC). Your character will break the window, enter and start the car
  6. Take the vehicle now. Press the right button (Xbox), L2 PlayStation, or W(PC)to drive your vehicle away.
  7. Drive away your car from the cops.

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How do you change your vehicle in GTA 5?

There are two methods to change the personal car into GTA 5 Online.

1- Park your car in the Garage and select another vehicle. When you start GTA 5, your car will change.

2- Open your interaction menu and vehicle section, and go to the storage option. From your contact list, call a mechanic. On the left side of the screen, you will go to Garage and select the car.  

Call your mechanic at your current place. When your car comes, go to the request personal vehicle option. When you reload the game, this car will show as the default car. 

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In GTA 5 story mode, will a car buy on one of the ingame websites respawn if lost or destroyed?

It looks so terrible you lose your luxury cars once you come out of a car. When you leave the car, it is gone. Can’t respawn, or you will not find it in the Garage. If you want to save your car you have to purchase a Garage.  

There are some mods if you download they will help. As they will save the cars permanent

 How can I make my garage bigger to store more cars in the GTA 5 video game?

In a night club you can store more than 30 cars on the three floors. For the CEO garage, you can buy three levels; each level has three floors and spaces for 60 cars you will get. 

 How to save cars in GTA 5 story mode Trevor?

To save the car, park a car in the garage/storage Garage. Your vehicle will be protected when it is parked in a garage. There are three characters. Trevor is one of them and has two safe houses and two Garages. You can save four cars here.

How to keep stolen cars in GTA 5 online 2022 ?

To keep stolen cars safe, install some mods and software that will help to protect your vehicles forever. These are persistence Mod, script Hook 5, Script Hook Dot Net,LUA PPluginfor script Hook .these all software will help to save all stolen cars forever.

How to save cars in gta 5 without a garage?

As you grab a car, your first task is to take your car away from cops and set your location to the nearest point of Los Santos Customs shop .you will spend some of your money here.

Respray your car. Now must buy a tracker for your vehicle. It will unlock the full coverage. Purchasing a tracker for this car will replace your current personal vehicle.

GTA 5 garage locations offline

If you steal a car and keep it offline, you do not need to buy Garages. You can keep cars in three characters, maximum six cars.

How to save cars in GTA 5 story, mode franklin? 

For this, you will go to the Los Santos Customs shop and mod a car. To make your car, you will make some additions or changes.

If you buy through a website/online on your phone, it becomes your car, and you can lose it as you will be on the road once you have lost your car. You can find an icon on the map.

You must pay some money to get your car back, as you will search the Garages. You only get back your if it is not destroyed or blown.

How many cars can Michael store GTA 5?

Michael can store two cars. Michael has one  Garage and one Safehouse. Two cars you can keep at a time.


GTA 5 is a Game about cars, garages, Safe houses, property, cops, and characters. The game is more successful when you know the software that are helpful in this game.

Appropriate use of play stations.  Knowledge of soft wares, How to install and download them. Playing with the soft wares is tricky, but you will learn quickly with practice.

You must not destroy or blow up your car as you will never get back your vehicle again.

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