How To Sell Vigilante GTA 5?

How to sell Vigilante GTA 5?

  1. First, make sure your vehicle is purchased within two to four weeks.
  2. If four weeks have passed,  you will be unable to sell your car.
  3. If you want to refund any of your property, it must have been purchased within 4 weeks. 
  4. Refund from the description through the Rock Star link.
  5. For modification, take your car to the vehicle workshop; you can search inside an upgraded Mobile operation Center in an upgraded avenger.
  6. You can take your car to  MOC/Arena Workshop for a resale rate of $ 2,250,000, 60 percent of the original purchase.

How much does a Vigilante sell for?

Vigilante is an expensive vehicle having super features in GTA online. With a Rocket boost that recharges your car speed boost , you can buy it for $3,750,000

You will take it to customize at MOC or Avenger Shop. If you want to sell it, You will sell it at MOC or Avenger Workshop for a resale price of $ 2,250,000 with a 50 % value of upgrades.

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How much does the Batmobile sell for in GTA 5?

If you want to sell your Batmobile vehicle, add it to your garage by heading over to Warstock Carry & Cache, where you will enter the Market, where you could only watch carrying Grotti Vigilante.

Its manufacturing cost is $ 250,000. You can sell it at MOC or Avenger Workshop.

GTA Online’s Vigilante Batmobile purchase price is $400,000, gifted to all players. 

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How do you sell special vehicles in GTA 5?

The first thing is to refund your vehicle. You must have purchased it within 2 weeks; after that, Rock Star will deny your request. Submit a ticket to the Rockstar game to get a refund request.

Sign in to the Rock star game, and sign in to your social club. You will go to the GTA 5 game, go to categories, and click on the contact us option.

Go into your platform handle; You will see the description box. Send a request for a refund. You will receive an email from Rockstar. 

Remember your description must be very awesome, so they reply to you positively without denying your request. 

Can you sell Warstock vehicles?

You will not be able to sell Warstock vehicles as they need Pegasus for delivery. You cannot sell vehicles that you have got through glitches and exploits. 

You can only sell the vehicles that are stored in the Garage. Your personal cars, vehicles that you stole with the value of $ 50,000, and if you have purchased them, Legendary or any other site.

Can you sell the Vigilante in GTA Online?

Surely you can sell it for 2.3 million, save it and make a good decision as you will get an update. 

If from Rockstar Game, you will get your reply back that they will refund your vehicle and they will decide to correct your money. 

It is time you should not hold on to it till new DLC drops, at least. There is no reason left to stop you from selling your vehicle. 

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Can you sell a Rhino tank in GTA 5 Online?

You cannot sell the Rhino Tank in GTA online as these are too many expensive vehicles, and the RockStar game will not allow you to sell it. 

Rhino is the kind of vehicle you don’t regularly use. A little bit; old now. As more upgraded versions come up nowadays.RockStar Game won’t allow you to sell the most expensive vehicles, and Rhino is one of them.

Can I sell my Terrorbyte in GTA V?

As terror byte is available online, you will be unable to sell it . You will not be able to sell the Avenger, Mobile Operation Center, and Terrorbyte in GTA online . 

They are kind of presents from Rockstar as you in RockStar Social Club . It is a very expensive vehicle.

Can you sell the TM 02 Khanjali in GTA 5?

You will not sell any military tank aircraft, as you cannot sell Khanjali Tank in GTA5 online . It is impossible to sell facility vehicles, and RockStar GAme hasn’t allowed this to anyone.

Can you sell the oppressor in GTA V?

You cannot sell Oppressor in GTA like other vehicles, as to sell Oppressor, you will need MOC/ Avenger Workshop for a resale price of $ 2,114,700, with 50% value of your upgrades.

How to sell Vigilante without MOC?

To sell any vehicle, first, you go to modify the vehicle . The Vigilante can be modified at a workshop, which is inside the upgraded Mobile Operations Center, in an upgraded Avenger, or at the Arena workshop. 

Another method is for the player to buy the Weapons Experts mechanic. 

Why can’t I sell my Vigilante?

There are two reasons. The first one is you cannot sell expensive vehicles as RockStar won’t allow it. 

GTA Online players do not sell random vehicles with heavy amounts in millions.

Another reason is Special vehicles, such as Vigilante, Rhino, and Khanjali.

Can you sell vigilante in the arena workshop?

You can sell vigilante in the Arena workshop, as you need to modify the vehicle. LOS Santos Customs don’t have the authority to modify special vehicles as they are too expensive. 

You can sell the vehicle at MOC/ Arena for a resale price with 50 % of the value of your upgrade. 

How to sell weaponized vehicles in GTA 5 without MOC?

If you want to sell the weaponized vehicle, you must buy it within 2 weeks. For more than 2 weeks, if you send a request for a refund on your vehicle to the RockStar game, they will not accept your request. 

Submit a ticket to the RockStar game to get a refund request of your vehicle gob to link down the description and submit a unique reason/request so the Rock Star Game may not reject it. 

Select online play .Within two or three days, you will see an email from RockStar Game, and they will let you know that they are refusing back your vehicle . 

You will do this once next time; they will never accept your description.


The article is about the most expensive special vehicles that are not easy to sell. Some are not allowed to sell from Rock Star Game, and some are from Rockstar Social club as a gift. 

These expensive vehicles are only modified from MOC and Avenger workshops and Arena . That will need 50% of the value of your upgrade. The player can only sell their personal property. 

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