How To Tow A Car Without Tow Hooks?

At some point, you will need to have your car towed. It may be wrecked, broken, or have to be moved from one place to another and cannot be driven.

Regardless of the problem, it is important to tow your vehicle properly. A tow truck lifts the front wheels of the car off the ground and allows the rear wheels to roll freely on the road (idling). However, if you choose this method of towing, you should consider the type of vehicle you are towing.

This method is not suitable for cars stuck on the beach or in precarious situations such as Getting stuck in a ditch. Only use this method if your car is already on a flat surface of the road and has front-wheel drive.

What You Need To Know Before Towing a Vehicle

Whether you’re a person in need of towing or trying to help someone in need of towing, it’s always good to know how to tow a vehicle legally and safely. No matter how desperate you are, it is important to always know and follow basic guidelines for towing a vehicle.

A trailer hitch is required for the tow vehicle regardless of the towing method chosen. A trailer hitch is attached to the chassis. Many trucks have towbars installed at the factory, but most do not. The towbar is easy to assemble and

What the law says about towing?

Before towing or towing a vehicle, you must be aware of local laws and warnings regarding safe and responsible vehicle collection, loading and transport.

Proper towing equipment should always be used, whether towed or towed. If you tow a vehicle that is heavier than recommended or has improper equipment, the vehicle will be considered “improperly equipped” and you may be fined. And no one wants that.

To avoid this, we need to understand what the car manufacturers, not just the legislator, specify for a particular car model.

The type of car being towed

Certain towing methods are not always applicable to certain vehicle types. Here are some things that can affect how you tow your car: Whether it is a two-wheel drive (2WD) or four-wheel drive (4WD) manual or automatic vehicle, and whether the 2WD vehicle is front-wheel drive (FWD) or rear-wheel drive (RWD).

Towing capacity

Before towing another vehicle, you should check to see if you have enough towing capacity to safely tow the stranded vehicle. Towing capacity is the maximum weight a vehicle can legally and safely tow. Knowing your car’s maximum towing capacity is essential to ensuring a safe trip without damage to either car.

The car’s recovery point

A salvage point is a location on your vehicle that can support weight while towing or towing. These points are usually attached to the frame, like tabs under the front or rear end, or shackle mounts on bumpers with heavy-duty metal hooks or loops.

However, some trams may have no collection points or tow hooks at all. So what should we do in this case? We recommend using a large hook (like those found on tow trucks) to hook onto your vehicle’s suspension or axle. However, this can seriously damage your car.

The safest and most powerful option for restore points is the vehicle’s hitch receiver. Most cars, especially pickups and his SUVs, have towbars installed at the factory. However, the Mini and Compact do not come standard with a trailer hitch.

If your vehicle doesn’t have a trailer hitch or tow hook, mount it in the most sturdy location possible. Although not always recommended, you can do this from the rear or front of the vehicle if you have no other choice. No problems are guaranteed. If you are unsure of your vehicle’s driving or towing requirements, please refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Methods For How To Tow A Car Without Tow Hooks

Now that you know the basic requirements, it’s time to tow your car. There are several ways to tow a car without a tow hook, each with a different gear.

Whichever method you choose, it is important to note that you should tow the vehicle slowly and evenly, especially vehicles without a tow hook.

Let’s take a look at how to tow a vehicle without a tow hook and the pros and cons of each.

Method 1: Flatbed Trailer

This method is considered one of the best ways to tow a car without a tow hook. A flatbed truck lifts the entire vehicle off the ground and places it on a horizontal surface so that the wheels of the tow vehicle remain stationary. Perfect for automatic cars.

This method is slightly more expensive, but is a more secure option. It has been found to damage neither the tow vehicle nor the towed vehicle.

Method 2: Toe Straps 

The use of toe straps or toe straps can be dangerous and is not always recommended. However, they can be viewed as alternatives when no other option is available. Great for pulling cars out of the ditch and moving them short distances.

Most vehicles can be towed by securely attaching a tow rope or top-he harness to one of the tow vehicle’s fall arrest points. B. On the rear axle.

Always use a tow rope, not just any rope you find, as it can be incredibly unreliable and dangerous. Tow straps or tow ropes must not be damaged and must not exceed 14.5 feet (4.5 meters) in length when towing on roads.

Method 3: Tow Truck 

Tow Truck lifts the front wheels of the vehicle off the ground and allows the rear wheels to roll freely on the road (idling). However, when choosing this method of towing, you should consider the type of vehicle you are towing.

The make and model of your vehicle can affect whether you can plug it in and drive it, or if you need to make any modifications to tow it. The biggest problems tend to occur when using 4WD, RWD, or AWD vehicles. Some vehicles may require only minor adjustments, while others may require more advanced or expensive adjustments.

In addition, this method is not suitable for vehicles that are stranded or in unstable situations such as: B. Get stuck in a groove. Use this method only if the car is already on the flat side of the road and it is FWD.

Method 4: Towbar

This method only works if the tow vehicle has a towbar and the vehicle being towed already has a towbar installed. Tow bars are considered a safer option than tow ropes or tow straps.

Additionally, the towing vehicle must have a manual gearbox. Traditional automatic transmission vehicles tend to have speed and distance limitations that preclude this method of towing. However, some modern automatic cars can usually be towed horizontally, but always check your owner’s manual.

Method 5: Wrecker Service

When all else fails, always use a tow service. If you don’t have the equipment, resources, or knowledge to manage a situation involving a broken down vehicle, you can always call a tow company. Depending on where you are, most tow companies offer his 24 hour support.

Having a tow truck driver tow your car will not cause further damage to your car or endanger other vehicles. Using our tow service ensures that you are trained to safely collect, load and transport your vehicle.

Tips for Towing a Vehicle

Driving a car without a tow hook can be difficult. You can’t always be sure if your tow truck or trailer can handle it.

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when towing a vehicle without a tow hook.

  • Always consider towing services first. This allows the insurance to pay for damage to the vehicle.
  • Do not connect the car to the bumper. I’m going to tear off the whole bumper.
  • Whenever you use a tow rope or tow strap to tow your vehicle, make sure you understand its purpose. Some tow ropes are for retrieval, others for towing. 
  • Vehicles may not be towed on public roads using a tow rope. This is dangerous and illegal in most states.
  • When retrieving a stuck vehicle, do not pull or pull the vehicle excessively. Always start slowly and steadily to avoid damaging both cars.

Towing Vehicles With No Obvious Tow Points

2003 Excursion XLT is the only vehicle with no obvious tow points.

Why have tow hooks become popular, and what is this trying to convey?

Tow hooks are designed to do two basic things;

  • It distributes the force of pull along a reinforced part of the car’s frame.
  • It holds the towing chain or straps securely in place

You must use a set of tow hooks specially designed for your vehicle. 

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What to do when your car has no tow hook?

If your car has no tow hook, you need to know that towing a car without a tow hook is difficult, but you can do it. 

There are two ways to do so;

  • Load vehicle on a car trailer: Drive your vehicle onto the trailer by using the ramps, use the ratchet straps, or you can use safety chains to secure it. 
  • Use a tow dolly: You can also purchase or rent out at U-haul or other truck rental places. A tow dolly is a small trailer with two wheels that can’t support too many heavy or oversized vehicles.

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What is a tow hook in a vehicle?

Two hooks in a vehicle are the essential tools one can attach to the vehicle to pull the vehicle up safely. Two hooks’ essential purpose is to tow the vehicles, and you can use more than one or several of them at a time for much better work and fast work. 

Hooking two chains or straps right on wheel axles, the bumpers, or the suspension is not a good alternative.

What is the purpose of two hooks?

Vehicles require two hooks because cars are low to the ground, and it’s challenging to tow when they slide off the track or must be fixed. 

Two hooks’ primary purpose is to distribute the force of pull along a reinforced part of the car’s frame. And it holds the towing chain or straps securely in place.

Where to attach a tow strap without hooks?

On most cutting-edge vehicles, you could find a small plastic cover positioned inside the bumper or grill insert. When you dispose of it, you’ll see a massive threaded hole. 

Inside the trunk, you may find a tow hook that has got threads into it. Typically, it’s far located along with your spare tire.

If given an older vehicle that functions with metal control arms, you could use them to hook up the tow strap. 

These manipulated arms are A-fashioned and have two characteristic longer legs that mount to the subframe of the automobile. So, you’ll need a large J hook to the region into the nearest decreased leg of the A.

How to tow a car with a strap?

Buy a Tow Strap

You’ll need a heavy-duty and weight-rated towing strap for the vehicle you’re working with. Don’t skimp on quality here: get something heavy-duty. Do not attempt to tow your vehicle using random ropes, chains, or anything else. You just happen to have to lie around.

Attach Strap to Towing Vehicle 

The towing vehicle will have an attachment point on the beach where one can attach a tow strap. It’s essential to use the location explicitly designed for this purpose. A loop should be attached to your trailer hitch to secure the strap to the vehicle.

Hook the end of the strap to a vehicle that is being Towed

Next, you’ll hook the tow strap’s other end to the vehicle you need to tow. There should be a mounting hook underneath the front of the vehicle. Do not attach the strap to the bumper or any other car part that’s not intended for towing.

Pull the vehicle

Be sure that the vehicle to be towed is manned and that someone is standing by in case there’s an emergency. Drive very, very slowly.

How to tow a BMW without a tow hook?

There are two basic ways to tow a BMW without a tow hook;

  • Load vehicle on a car trailer: Drive your vehicle onto the trailer by using the ramps, use the ratchet straps, or you can use safety chains to secure it. 
  • Use a tow dolly: You can also purchase or rent out at U-haul or other truck rental places. A tow dolly is a small trailer with two wheels that can’t support too many heavy or oversized vehicles.

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How to tow a car with another car with a tow dolly?

An easy and popular way of towing a car with the help of another car is to use a tow dolly. A tow dolly is essentially more petite than a tiny trailer. With the help of a tow dolly, it keeps the car’s front side tires off the ground; this way, it helps reduce both tire and the driveline wear of the car being towed.

How to tow an automatic car with a rope?

You can tow an automated car, but you should raise the pushed axle of the vehicle off the road. You can’t pull an automatic at the back of your friend’s truck, attached utilizing a tow rope.

If your automobile is front-wheel-power, the driven axle is on the front. If it’s a car-wheel-force, it’s at the back.

A 4-wheel-force or all-wheel-power has two pushed axles (for conciseness) at the front and the return.

How to tow a car with a chain?

You can tow a car with a chain by following a few steps

Get the chain

You will need a chain; avoid using playground swing chains as they are not tough enough. Get a complete chain with loops or hardware from loops on either end of the chain.

Prepare another car

Once your chain is in the correct place, ensure that the vehicle you use for chain towing is capable of doing so. 

Put Car Tire, by the way, Bumpers.

Simply hang a car tire without a rim between the towing and towed car bumper. It’s a fantastic trick to avoid disasters.

Get Support

Get a person to steer and control the braking of the towed car. For enhanced perfection, get radios for communique. Observe that a lifeless car is more brutal to influence and brake while towing than a strolling vehicle.

Drive Slowly

While towing the car with the help of a chain, stay alert to prevent collision of the tow and towed vehicle. Drive the car slowly and carefully.

FAQs: How To Tow A Car Without Tow Hooks

Do all vehicles have tow hooks?

Unfortunately, most all cars and trucks do not come with a set of tow hooks provided by vehicle manufacturers or companies. 

Are tow hooks necessary?

Yes, tow hooks are a necessary instrument for any vehicle; they can go a long way once adequately installed. It prevents damage to both vehicles and will ensure that you can get your car to safety. 


It is also a good idea to check the tow hook and strap of the vehicle before you use them. The tow hook must be free of rust, dirt, and defects, and the recovery strap must be inspected for cuts, abrasions, or dirt.

Finally, good driving skills matter a lot. They effectively determine the outcome of your recovery. The puller should lightly step on the accelerator and drive slowly.

Also, always have someone in the driver’s seat of a towed vehicle to give you better control when pulling the vehicle out of the seat.

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