How To Turn Off Saab 9-3 Headlights?

How to turn off Saab 9-3 headlights? 

  • On the Saab 9-3, the Daytime Running Lights (DRL) remain on while the vehicle ignition is on. This feature is for safety, making it more visible to other drivers. 
  • When selected on the headlight switch, the dipped beam also turns on while the ignition key is in the on position but turns off when the switch is turned to the Lock position. The vehicle must be parked for the ignition to be locked.

How do you turn off Saab daytime running lights?

Pull that fuse and turn the switch to the left, and the lights will turn off. Turning it to the middle or right will turn the lights on again. You should use the correct position for headlights and leave most for off.

The middle is supposed to be for parking lights, but in the US, it works the same as the correct position (except the high beams work differently, and I think the fog lights don’t work in the middle).

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Headlights won’t turn off (Causes & Solution)


Some of the problems that can cause a vehicle’s headlights not to turn off include problems with the following components:

  • Headlight Switch
  • Daytime Running Light Module
  • Light Sensor
  • Relay
  • Ground Wire

Because there are many headlight systems, correctly diagnosing headlight problems can be tricky. 

For example, some cars are designed so that if you turn off the engine with the headlights on, the headlights stay on for some time. In this case, you can see if that helps by turning the headlights off before turning the engine off.

Other vehicles have daytime running lights that automatically turn on the headlights but do not affect the instrument cluster during the day. 

If this system fails, the headlights may remain on. Setting the parking brake typically turns off the daytime running lights, so you can apply the parking brake to see if the headlights go off. Removing or replacing the daytime running light module may solve this problem.


If the headlights suddenly stop working, the situation can quickly become dangerous. However, headlights can also fail in the other direction. Headlights that are far from safe and won’t turn off no matter what you do can quickly drain your battery and run you aground.

With this in mind, a short-term solution for headlights that won’t turn off is to take emergency precautions to avoid draining the battery. This can be done in several ways.

  • Remove the battery
  • Remove the headlamp fuse 
  • Remove headlight relay

The headlights should now be off. Headlight systems are usually uncomplicated, but there are times when you need to take your car to a professional to have your headlights that won’t turn off.

But before that, you can do a few things to troubleshoot the problem using some essential car diagnostic tools.

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Disabling headlight wipers 

To disable the headlight wipers, you need to follow a procedure. This procedure includes wiper drive link removal and installation.

  • Disconnect the negative battery cable
  • Remove the right side panel and remove the panel under the dashboard (beneath the glovebox).
  • Also, Remove the defroster hoses and remove the glove box
  • Simply now Remove the wiper arms
  • Disconnect the wiper assembly and lift it out through the glove box opening.
  • Reverse the above procedure to install.

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How to turn off Saab Parking lights? 

To turn off the Saab Parking lights, you don’t have to go through some hard and fast methods. Most vehicles have side lights built into the headlight switch. 

Turning the car’s headlight control knob can turn the parking lights on and off. You can usually turn it completely off and on with one click.

Saab 9-3 led headlight conversion

If you want to do Saab 9-3 led headlight conversion, replace your old halogen bulb with a modern, more advanced, high-efficiency halogen bulb called the PIAA 17655 H7 Xtreme White Plus High-Performance Halogen Bulb. A pack of two light bulbs costs about $ 60-$70.

A slightly more complicated solution is to replace the halogen lamp with a new LED lamp. The extra ballast makes these ramps bigger and requires more space in the engine bay.

Saab 9-3 headlight assembly

A typical headlight assembly consists of a headlight housing, a conventional beam, a high beam, and turn signals. 

There are many assemblies on the market, but if you only want to replace one part, those components are also sold individually.

To install headlight assembly;

  • Compare the new and old headlight assemblies to ensure they are the same design.
  • If necessary, install the bulb and socket to the headlight assembly.
  • Connect the electrical connector.
  • Replace the headlight assembly. Make sure it fits the fasteners attached to the front of the vehicle.
  • Reinstall the headlight assembly mounting bolts and carefully tighten them until snug. Do not over-tighten. If necessary, refer to factory repair information and use a torque wrench to tighten fasteners to manufacturer specifications.
  • If necessary, reinstall the front bumper or grille.


You may see or say there are different ways to turn off the Saab 9-3 headlights. But There’s no off position for Saab. 

The only way to turn off the Saab 9-3 headlights while your car is started is to shut the ignition off. Make sure the switch is in auto. And then there is no other way than this.

I hope this article helped you on solving how to turn off Saab 9-3 headlights.

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