How To Unlock A Toyota Tundra Without Keys?

You can use these three ways to unlock a Toyota Tundra without keys:

  • Use of Remote Flip Keys 
  • By using Slim Jim / Air back 
  • By removing Door Panel 

Use of Remote Flip Keys 

Always have remote flip keys with You or outside the car, so if you accidentally forget your keys inside the car, Remote Flip keys will help you to unlock the vehicle. 

use of Slim Jim or PLastic Airbag 

This method is complicated, and a locksmith or a trained person can use this method.

By pushing the lock button  

An easy way to open Toyota is to press the inside lock button that is not properly locked and unlocked.  

When you press the button from Key Fob, the door will open. 

Breaking into my OWN Tundra!

Sometimes the doors get locked, and either the keys are inside or lost /Need to use Remote flip keys if you have kept the safe out of your car. 

  • Push the button on the Remote Flip Key button and it will unlock the door.
  • If you don’t even have remote flip keys,  you need to use the locksmith method to unlock your car.
  • This method is a little tricky and needs special tools. A slim Jim is a thin metal rod. A Slim metal rod with a hook.
  • You will slightly insert the metal edge into the door so it will move forward; at the same time, insert the metal rod towards the lock and Push the button to unlock the door. 

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How do you unlock a Toyota Tundra truck?

There are two ways to open a Tundra Truck;

How to Lock the Door? 

By using Key Fob, you can open a Toyota Tundra truck.

Slightly press the button over the door handle; it will lock your truck. 

How to unlock? 

 You will grab the Door handle. It will unlock the door. 

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How do you unlock a 2008 Toyota Tundra?

  • To unlock the door, turn the key right or clockwise 
  • To open the driver’s door,  turn the key one time. It will unlock the driver’s door.
  • When you turn the key again from the driver’s door, it will unlock all the cars’ doors. It means all other doors are connected to the driver’s door. 

How do I unlock my car with my keys inside?

A technical way to open the car is to use an air pump bag with sharp edges 

  • Insert the edges of the airbag first and start pumping. 
  • The big will rise in size, and the door will move forward. 
  • Use a metal rod with a rubber tip at the end. Insert the metal rod inside the rod and grab the handle. The door will open.  

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How to unlock the 2007 Toyota Tundra without keys?

2007 Toyota Car gets locked, and keys are lost or inside the car. Don’t worry; there is a way to unlock the car. 

  • Use a plastic pump and a metal rod with a hook.
  • This method requires technique: insert the edges of the plastic pump into the door,  pump up the airbag, and the door will move forward a little. 
  • Insert the metal rod with a hook. Grab the handle; it will unlock the door.

How to unlock a Toyota tundra with a slim jim?

Slim Jim is tricky to handle as it can damage the glass. 

  • Insert the metal edge rod slowly into the door, so it may not damage the glass as it has wires inside the door. 
  • As the metal rod reaches the lock, push it up, and the door will unlock. 
  • This process needs to be handled with great care as it will destroy the inside system of the door and lock. 

How to unlock an S10 without keys?

Following steps, we will follow to unlock S 10 

  • First, use a piece of metal with sharp edges to insert it between the glass and the stripes of the door. Insert it carefully, as it will damage the door glass and rubber stripes. 
  • You will find a space between glass and rubber stripes, insert the metal rod with a hook, and hit it over the lock. Pull up the metal rod upward. It will unlock the door.  

How to unlock a 2011 Toyota tundra without keys?

 We will need an air Jack to open the door. 

  • Insert the edges of the bag without air into the door. 
  • Pump up some air in the airbag; as the bag blows up, it will push forward the door. 
  • Now you will insert a metal rod with a hook between the window glass and weather stripping. Move the metal rod downward, close to the lock, and push backwards. 
  • The handle from inside the door  will move back and will unlock the door 

How to unlock the 2017 Toyota Tundra without the key?

  • You will use a plastic or metal wedge to unlock the Tundra truck
  • You will insert its sharp edge inside the door. It will bring forward the door a little bit. 
  • Now you will insert a metal rod with a hook that can push the lock to open the door. 
  • The Remote flip key will help to open the door without stress.


Understanding the features of a car is excellent. Before purchasing your favorite car, you must know how your car’s systems and spare parts work.   

What equipment should be used on an emergency basis? Like unlocking your car when keys are left inside the vehicle. Oops? 

Don’t worry; always have a  kit of tools at your home and in your car that will help you when you get stuck in an emergency. 

Hopefully, these queries will help you. Now you know very well how to unlock the doors in different ways. 

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