How To Unlock Kia Forte Without Key?

How to unlock Kia Forte without key? Following are the Useful ways  to unlock Kia Forte :

  • With the help of Pump Wedge 
  • With the help of Slim Jim (metal strip)
  • With the help of Key Fob 
  1. Use of Pump Wedge 

You can use a plastic/metal or vinyl wedge to pull the door and insert a thin metal rod with a hook at the end of the rod to pull up the lock pin of the door.

  1. By using slim Jim (metal strip)

Insert the metal strip with a hook at the end into the passenger’s door as this side has fewer wires through weather stripping the door. As the hook grips, the lock pulls it up and unlocks the door.

  1. By using Key Fob

On our key Fob, there is a hidden key. Behind the handle of your door, there is a secret keyhole. Take out your key from the key Fob and open the door.

Can I use any auto service or BCAA to help me get in my car, or does it have to go through KIA? 

If your car trunk is locked and can’t open without keys, you need to call an expert locksmith. The Kia will not be opening its trunk without resetting the alarm factory. 

Once the alarm resets, you can press the trunk button on the dashboard to open it. The whole process needs mechanical skills. As unscrewing the Handle of KIA car is a tough job.

If you have a key fob, you can quickly solve the problem.

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How to unlock the Kia forte trunk without a key?

If keys are lost, the alarm will not allow opening the trunk, so first, we have to reset the alarm manually by using some tools.

List of tools : 

  • 10 Screwdriver 
  • A Butter Knife 
  • A Ratchet Screwdriver 
  •  we will follow some steps to open the trunk one by one 
  • First, we will use the driver’s door of the car 
  • There is a round shaped rubber plug at the side of the door.
  • We will use a butter knife to remove the rubber cover /plug. 

Under this rubber,  we can see plastic tabs. We will unscrew the handle carefully. Now there is a secret keyhole under the door handle, and we will remove the plastic cover of the handle to take out the cylinder Lock. 

Under this cylinder, there is a flier; we will turn it with a screwdriver like we are using a key and unlock it. Now the alarm factory is reset. All the powers of the car are working again.

We will come to the dashboard where there is a trunk button. We will press it, and the trunk will open.

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How to start Kia Forte without a key fob?

The easiest way is to download the Kia Connect APP. It will help to start your car if the Key fob is not working or if there is any emergency. 

 This app will give you access to control your car features. There is a link provided for help.

This Kia car provides a keyless ignition that helps to start the engine by following three steps 

  1. Your vehicle must be parked or neutral 
  2. Step on the pedal (Breaks)
  3. Press the start button till the engine works 

 Use of Mechanical key 

If Fob is not working, there is a hidden key in your key fob

, or replace essential fob batteries by following these steps 

  1. A  small button at the bottom of the key fob releases the emergency key blade. 
  2. Take out an emergency key blade.
  3.  The slot at the bottom of the fob must match the size of the emergency key blade. 
  4. To open the critical fob case, turn the slot slowly with the key blade.
  5. Pull the two sides of the key fob apart. 
  6. Gently remove the old batteries. 
  7. Insert new batteries in Fob.
  8. Press the two sides of the Fob back together to connect appropriately.

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How to unlock the 2014 Kia Forte without a key?

If Kia Forte is locked and you want to get in without keys, you will attempt two or three methods you prefer. 

Any kind of Pump wedge has mostly proved beneficial while opening the door of Kia. It requires a lot of practice. As the door will come forward a little, you will insert a metal rod or plastic rod with a hook to unlock the door.

Primarily people are using the metal strip to unlock the KIA; it can damage the glass. Extra care is required while using this method. 

KeyFob is another blessing way to get out of this problem.

There is a secret key inside the keyFob to unlock the Kia. Behind the handle of the Kia is a hidden Key cylinder; as we insert the key, it will open the Kia.

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How to unlock the Kia Forte steering wheel?

To unlock Kia steering, we will follow the steps below. 

  • By using Keys, you can unlock the steering. 

We will put the key into the ignition cylinder of the car, then will turn it. It should then usually be blocked. To unlock the steering wheel of Kia, we will turn the steering at the same time as we turned the key in Neiman.

  • Unscrew the barrel by using a spray

If steering has not been unlocked by a simple method, The second chance is the key cylinder is being locked. The cylinder has gripped up over the years. To open, we have to use the sprays, like the WD40 and spray the barrel inside. Wait for a while before attempting to unlock your steering wheel yet again. 

  • Repair or buy a new  lock cylinder 

Another reason must be that the lock cylinder needs to change if it gets stuck or repaired. It depends upon the condition of the cylinder.


Kia Forte’s features are specially designed to ensure that the car is secured with updated locks. No one can steal your vehicle due to its secure alarm system.  Knowing its features before purchasing the car will help consumers save time, energy, and money. Sometimes the problem is not so complicated, but due to unawareness, people get worried. 

Here different methods have been given to unlock the door, trunk, and the stuck steering cylinder. Using a Key Fob and secret keys with a hidden key cylinder behind the handle is the most exciting feature of this car. 

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