How To Wire Club Car Forward Reverse Switch?

Let’s find out how to wire club car forward reverse switch?

  • To wire the club car forward/reverse switch, first remove the cover from the switch.
  • Next, identify the wires connecting the terminals ‘F’ and ‘R.’ The wire connected to the terminal marked “F” is the forward wire, and the wire connected to the terminal marked “R” is the reverse wire.
  • Strip about 1/2 inch of insulation from each of these wires and twist them together.

How to Test Club Car Golf Cart Forward Reverse Switch?

To test the forward reverse switch on a Club Car golf cart, you will need a multimeter to verify that all parts of the golf cart are receiving power. 

Then step on the accelerator with your foot and check that the solenoid is charging. If you are a golf enthusiast who owns a golf cart, slight wear and tear are not uncommon. 

For most wear and tear, golf cart owners check the forward-reverse switch.

If the golf cart doesn’t move back and forth correctly, there may be a problem with the forward/reverse switch.

Check for corrosion or loose wiring when inspecting a golf cart forward/reverse switch. Some connectors on the controller are loosely connected to allow easy movement of the golf cart.

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Club Car DS Forward and Reverse Switch Wiring Diagram

The Club car DS Forwards and Reverse Switch Wiring Diagram help better understand how to fix and get the wiring on point. 

How does a forward reverse switch work on a golf cart?

The golf cart forward switch reverses the DC motor’s polarity. When the switch is in the forward position, the battery positive is connected to the motor. When the switch is in reverse, the battery negative is connected to the motor. 

The DC motor is the way the switch works; if there is any issue in the DC motor, the switch will never work correctly.

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The golf cart won’t go forward but will reverse – Solution

The main symptom of a directional switch failure is that the cart turns on and usually operates but only moves in one direction, not backward. 

In this case, only one of the switches is faulty. Both switches are defective if the cart does not move in either direction.

Check for loose contact on the forward/reverse switch on the golf cart. If the connection is good, replace the top and bottom wires on the back. 

The problem with the switch is if the cart moves backward rather than forwards. In this case, you just need to change the switch.

There may be golf carts that run on gasoline, but many electrical components can still fail.

  • Ignition Switch
  • Switch
  • Forward/Reverse Switch


There is a known problem with the ignition switch on the cart. A loose or grounded wire can cause the golf cart to malfunction. 

The emergency stop switch and associated wiring are designed to conduct electricity through the golf cart and turn off the engine when the ground is disconnected. 

If faulty, the golf cart may start but slam and shut off the engine when moving forward or reversing. Sometimes you can’t either.

The forward/reverse switch speaks for itself. If you want to move forward, move forward, and if you move backward, switch to the reservation. 

If the switch is stuck or defective, the switch must be replaced to proceed. The shifting cable may become jammed or broken even if the gearbox works appropriately.

Each of these three electrical problems is sufficiently complex; you should not attempt to solve them unless you have mechanical or electrical experience. 

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to make things worse if you try to fix them.

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FAQs: how to wire club car forward reverse switch

How does a golf cart forward reverse switch work?

When the accelerator pedal is depressed, the golf cart starts slowly and smoothly, and the speed increases as the pedal is depressed. In the late ’80s and early 90s, boxes with low-load potentiometers and electronic motor controllers were introduced to the golf automobile industry. Before that, high-current mechanical switching was standard, connected to a series of resistive coils that required regular maintenance.

Where is the forward reverse switch on a golf cart?

When the cart is reversing or moving forward, a reversing buzzer will sound to warn people who may be standing behind the cart. The critical switch panel is located to the right of the cart entrance. The reverse horn of the go golf cart is located behind this key switch panel. Accessing this panel is very simple.

Why does my Club Car go in reverse but not forward?

Sometimes one of the copper contacts gets hot, and the plastic around it melts and sinks into no contact. I’ve seen this happen when the cart moves in one direction and not the other. In other cases, the contacts are too burnt to make contacts in either direction. If the contacts break, the only remedy is a new switch.

How do you bypass the pedal switch on a golf cart?

Turn off the ignition to minimize the risk of electric shock
Locate the cart ignition wire
Use a wire cutter to cut these wires from the connector
Gently touch the engine to bypass the ignition key and power the engine


To wire Club Car Forward Reverse switch is not tricky; Installing a reverse forward gear switch on a golf cart is very easy. 

However, extreme caution and safety should be exercised when handling electronic components and batteries. 

Before starting the process, remove any metal objects or jewelry to avoid unnecessary sparks or the conduction of electricity.

I hope this article helped you well in answering all your questions.

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