How Much Is A Part Worn Tire?

How Much Is A Part Worn Tire

Part-worn are becoming very popular, they’re one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get new rubber fitted to your car. However, they can be too risky, or even dangerous for your safety. Saving money is one of the major reasons for buying part-worn tires. Most times, you’re highly unlikely to know the history of … Read more

How To Reset Tire Pressure On Mini?

How To Reset Tire Pressure On Mini

The main duty of the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) on Mini is to inform the driver whenever tire pressure becomes too low which could curse unsafe driving. It is a system that works in collaboration with the MINI’s ABS braking system to watch over tire pressure. So whenever there’s tire change, or you adjust … Read more

How Much Is Tire Fitting?

How Much Is Tire Fitting

Your tires alongside the brakes are the vital components of your vehicle. They play a major role in keeping you safe while driving. They should be something you shouldn’t treat lightly. Your tires need to be fitted correctly. In general, to fit a new tire, it takes between 30 to 60 minutes. This may depend … Read more

How To Rev Car From Engine Bay?

How To Rev Car From Engine Bay

How to rev car from engine bay? How do I rev my car from the engine? You can rev your car in three situations: when the car is parked, when it is neutral and when you are driving. To rev a car when it is not moving, put it in the park. Start the engine, … Read more

How To Make Car Engine Quieter?

How To Make Car Engine Quieter

The engine that produces unavoidable noises disturbs your neighbors, family, and us. We want to get rid of this problem. There are a few techniques and good quality products to control unnecessary noise. Follow the steps to avoid noises in the engine.  How to make car engine quieter? Clean your engine properly. Even dirt can … Read more

How To Warm Up Car Engine Faster?

how to warm up car engine faster

During the winter, the car doesn’t start, creating problems. You think your engine is stuck or blocked. People directly start their cars and are in a hurry to go. Before driving, warm-up exercise will raise your engine life span.  Warming up faster during severely cold weather is needed for your car. There are a few … Read more

How To Convert Car Engine To Boat Engine?

how to convert car engine to boat engine

There is a big difference between the features of a car engine and a boat engine. It is not easy to change a car engine into a boat engine, but not impossible. With certain changes, you will learn how to convert car engine to boat engine.  You’ll need the following tools to modify the car … Read more

How To Get A Cat Out Of A Car Engine?

how to get a cat out of a car engine

It has been observed that the cats search for warm places to hide and shelter during the winter. They take the car engines as the best places to hide.  Here are a few methods on how to get a cat out of a car engine. Use cat sprays that are available in the market. Cat … Read more