Tesla How To Open Glove Box?

Tesla how to open glove box?

  • You will open the Glove Box through Central Control.
  • Press the Icon on Screen, On the left side of the screen, you will see the option Quick control.
  • At the bottom of quick control, you will find a button named Glove Box.
  • Press the Glove Box button it will open up the Glove Box.

How To Open a Tesla Glove Box Compartment?

If you want to open the Tesla Glove Compartment the easy way is to set the Tesla voice Command. 

You will press the voice command button on your car steering and say Open Glove Box, If your car has stored a pin number will appear on the screen, if not it will open at once.

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Method to set Pin number 

Sometimes you have some important data with you and you want to keep it safe in your car. You have a USB, you will add a PIN for your Glove Box. Press Control >Safety & Security >Glove Box Pin to set a Pin number. 

You will see some instructions on the screen, follow them and you will set the Pin number you want to remove the Pin number press Disable and enter your Pin number.

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How do you open a Tesla passenger compartment?

If you want to open the compartment on a Tesla model 3, you will go to the car screen display and press the button Open Glove box it will open.

Another compartment is available near to the passenger side having a glass holder, and USB ports, Chargers are available for passengers in the box of the compartment. 

Just slightly press the cover of the box it will open, if you want to close slightly press it down it will close. Some Tesla have a compartment for passengers in the back seats. Every car has a little bit different way to open the systems. 

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How do you manually open a Tesla Model S glove box?

To manually open the box you will follow the steps, not an easy way but sometimes you have to do it. 

  • Pop off the side panel, pull off the clips. 
  • Take a little tool like a hook or Allen wrench, and You will see a hole there, you will insert the hook inside the hole. 
  • There is a small lever at the backside when you pull it will release the lock and it will open the Glove Box.

How to open a Tesla Model X glove box?

In Tesla Model S / X 2021,-22 you will use the Glove Box, as you will tap controls and go to the quick Action option, there you will see the Glove Box button, tap the Glove Box button on the screen it will open the Glove Box, and light will turn on.

Another way is to press the button on the steering wheel that says to open the Glove Box, with your command voice then it will open the box.

How to open a Tesla glove box without a PIN?

If you want to open the Glove Box without a key take out the panels on the rear window. You will need a little hook tool to pull the lock, first take out the hinge on the bottom side of the Glove Box. 

The Glove Box is located on the passenger side of the Tesla. As you will insert the screw or a tool into the hole you found after removing the hinge of the Glove box, you will pull the little lever lock inside the box it will open at once. 

The Tesla model x glove box won’t open. What to do?

Glove Box won’t respond sometimes due to several reasons. People may overload the Glove Box with a number of items and any one item may trouble the hinge or clips of the box and you cannot open the Box. 

The first method opens the front door of the passenger, and applies slight pressure inwards from the right side of the Glove Box, after a light push your box will open.

Sometimes something shifts inside the box and it blocks the space between the latches, use a putty knife between the dash and the Glove box door, with slight pressure on the knife and you will press the release button, it will open the box.

 How to open the glove box of a Tesla Y?

If you want to open the Glove Box of Tesla Y, Go to the main control menu, and press the i-con at the corner of your display screen . 

You will see the Quick control button and at the bottom you will see the Glove Box button, tap this button on the screen, and Your Glove Box will open.


 This  Article is about Tesla Models Glove Box. How to open the Glove Box of Tesla X Model, Tesla Y Model. How to use Pin to get a security function for your box. How to open it manually. The way to open it is by Voice Command. 

This article will help you to learn all the procedures smoothly. The most interesting way is Voice command, as you command open Glove Box it obeys you, and your Glove box gets opens. The Control menu is also interesting and so easy. Just tap the button and the Glove Box will open at once.


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